Need help searching for an image (Swedish girl at Christmas)

I keep googling on “swedish girl image” and some other keywords, but I keep getting either NSFW results or recipes.

I think it’s a pretty famous image. It’s a painting of a young Swedish girl with blonde hair, carrying a tray of pastries. She’s wearing a wreath on her head, and the wreath has a bunch of lit candles in it.

Anyone know what I’m talking about?

I’m going to guess that it’s not a Christmas picture, but a St. Lucia’s Day picture. Is this it?

Or this?

Darn American Girl dolls for making this adult male immediately think of Kirsten…

More pictures.

That’s the one!

That’s not Christmas? :confused:

Nope, read about it here.

Interesting. Thanks.

Since it’s on December 13th, I don’t feel guilty about having it as a wallpaper at this time of year.

I had that image on a tile which I put up every year, but I gave it to a friend yesterday so that she can connect to her Swedish ancestry a little more. Maybe I should connect to mine!

here is a recipe in case you would like to make lussekatter.

But thisone’s better! :smiley:

I love that movie!

When I was a kid we had a Brazilian exchange student living with us who was a bit perturbed that a saint was portrayed by a human being.