Need help settling a controversy

First off a warning. The linked video (below) may contain images that are unsettling. I say “may” because that is the source of the controversy. It is not overly graphic…just…gross (maybe).

I’ll put a description here for those who would rather read about it before deciding to view the video.

The video is of what appears to be a high school orchestra performing. One youth, playing the timpani (I think) is banging away and then appears to have one of the following two things happen:

  1. The drum stick breaks and flies back and sticks in to his cheek

  2. His eye pops out

Yeah…strange I know and one would think the decision between those two would be obvious but it isn’t. On another message board we have been going round and round about it.

While either choice is not a pleasant thought the video is not overtly grpahic. Indeed on the first viewing I totally missed what had happened at all. Still, there is an ick factor here.

The video quality is poor which does not help.

That said here is the link:


The optic nerve bundle is not that long. It’s a drumstick.

Looks like the drum stick to me. The optic nerve is not that long.

What appears to be his hanging eyeball is clearly the head of the timpani drumstick. Note that around 0:10, the stick in his right hand is broken, the head missing. I’d guess the stick cracked halfway along its shaft and flukishly bounced, getting stuck in his cheek or possibly his lower eyelid.

In any case, neither he nor his fellow percussionists are sufficiently freaked out if in fact his eyeball was hanging.

Additionally the five muscles which control the movement of the eyeball tend to keep a popped eye from fully protruding from the socket. These can be severed in extreme traumatic circumstances, but a flying drumstick isn’t one of them.

I’d say the broken end of the stick did, however, penetrate his eyeball or the space between it and the socket.

You all sure?

Explain the frame right around 0:09-0:10 (you may need to fiddle with it to pause well…these players are not very precise).

  • His hands are down (stick striking the drum).
  • You see nothing flying back at him. Not even a blur (and as cruddy as the quality is you should see it…I doubt it would move THAT fast)
  • You see the start of a GLOBE emerging from the location where his eye is. No stick…just a ball.
  • You then see this travel downward. Not a stick flopping from horizontal to vertical but like a string extending down.
    Maybe I am viewing it wrong. At (I think) 15 FPS the stick flying back I suppose could have done so between frames. And the optic nerve bundle does seem rather long but I have seen dogs with their eye popped out and while shorter the dog was smaller.

The other board does note that if his eye had popped out he is rather calm about it. Everyone reacts differently of course but one would think this is sufficient for a large freak out factor.

I don’t what video you’re watching, but I can see the top half of the stick rebounding and hanging from his face near his eye. An instant earlier, he strikes the drum with the stick in his right hand and immediately after, the stick has obviously been decapitated. If it appears intact to you, perhaps you missed the moment at 00:13 where he transfers the stick in his left hand to his right so he can probe his injury with his now-empty left hand.

Besides, if that is his eye hanging near his lapels at least seven inches down, his optic nerve bundle must be made of bungee cords.