Need help studying for a certification test

It is the Colorado teacher-certification test known as the PLACE - Instructional Technology #51 to be specific. I took the practice test here and based on my prior experience in education and computers I got a 9/12 so I’m not real confident that I can pass without studying. The problem is that instructional technology seems to mean different things to different authors/college programs so before I start buying books online in a crapshoot that they may cover this material I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience that could help me out.

Here is some crapshoot advice.
Medical certifications frequently have what are called “pearls” to use as a study guide.
For instance CEN (Certified Emergency Nurse). A study guide company publishes a list of 100 or so questions that are frequently on that examination. Maybe only 5-10 are actually on your test, but that is 5-10 correct answers to increase your odds of passing.