Need Help Switching to Verizon Wi-Fi on a Desktop PC!

Hello everyone!

I have been using my local MetroCast service for the past few years which provided me with home phone, cable and internet, but the bills are a bit on the high side ($200+ each month!) and I noticed that Verizon had a $90 bundle for the three services and so I made the simple decision to go ahead and sign up for service with them and leave MetroCast and their even higher fees behind.

My current setup is a Dell desktop PC running on Windows XP. I also have a Belkin N+ Wireless Router which I use to connect to the internet on my iPod and my PS3, but it’s otherwise connected directly to my desktop through a cable, rather than any wireless method. Now that I’ve signed up for Verizon’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi, I am kind of in a pickle as I’m not sure how to get everything to work together so that I can use my PC and have internet access.

I am so far under the impression that the only solution is to get a wireless PCI card (something like this, unless someone else has a better idea: Robot or human?) or a USB adapter in order to use the Wi-Fi with this computer. Am I right? Or is there another way to do it that I’m missing? Also, is that the right PCI adapter? Any and all help is appreciated! I am not very tech savvy lol.

Thanks for reading!

Panzram :slight_smile:

Did you get the HomeFusion broadband box? Are you planning on tethering your cell phone? What service will you be using for TV? What did Verizon tell you?

Oops! I left out a few details! Sorry about that. Actually, the television and the phone are technically separate for the package I’ve got so they are not part of this dilemma. What I specifically have is a Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE for my internet which is a Wi-Fi device, but I am on a desktop computer trying to get wireless from the device. My router is a few years old so it is not able to receive a signal from the Jetpack. Frustrating! If anyone knows what I need in order to make this Dell Dimension 1100 (on Win XP) able to use the Jetpack for Wi-Fi, I’d sure appreciate the help!

Edit: I’m not tethering my cell phone (at this point) and Verizon didn’t really tell me anything. From what they were saying it sounded like the Jetpack used an ethernet cable (that was my assumption anyway) but now I am kinda scratching my head because it has no attachments aside from the plug that goes into the wall. It is a purely wireless device. So I gotta figure out how to get Wi-Fi on this old computer!

That card you linked to should be fine.

You could also get a WiFi-USB dongle/adapter.
A bit more money, but a lot easier to install.

I have the verizon jet pack. I used a USB adapter on my dell desk top. Works good except when I want to use a thumb drive or sync my iPad it causes the connection to my wifi to go down. I’m going to explore the pci card.

What they said is fine, but I just wanted to point out that 4G devices (MiFi, if you prefer) are rarely the best option for sustained home use because they usually come with draconian data caps (2GB / month?).

If the 4G is not part of your TV/phone package (and it probably isn’t, since Verizon home internet and Verizon wireless typically operate as separate companies), shop around while you’re still in your cancellation period. Your local cable internet provider can probably provide you with a better rate, faster speed, easier setup (plug into existing router and you’re good to go) – all for a competitive, if not cheaper, rate.

The only reason to get 4G is if you live in an area without the cable/DSL infastructure going to your house, or if you need to constantly work on the go. For stay-at-home use, you’re just paying extra for mobility you’ll never take advantage of.

This is normal, most routers are not set up to recieve internet via a wireless device. They do exist, but they are not your standard off the shelf models.

I want to emphasize this too. Maybe if you use your desktop to check your email and view your weather forcast, but 4G data caps are waaaaay to low for the type of uses that are common nowdays. If you watch HD videos you could burn through your monthly cap in a couple of hours

If I understand you correctly you do not have a wireless adapter card or USB wireless adapter on your PC.
You need one or the other. Then you can look at the available access points close by - one of which should be your JetPack (MiFi) mobile hot spot. You click on it and click on connect. It will ask you for the password and then connect you to the internet - assuming of course that the JetPack has connected to the internet itself.

I haven’t used XP in years, but as I recall in order to see available access points you click on the little TV down on the bottom right of your screen (on the task bar?) and it will show what is in range to you.

Verizon has a couple of 4G plans available. One offers 5GB per month for $50 with each GB or part of a GB costing $10.
They also have a 10 GB plan for $80 per month.

One of the two will be adequate for many(most?) people as long as you don’t download movies or spend hours on YouTube each day.

Yeah, but with a landline provider, that same $50 would likely get you a cap of several hundred GB per month. It will also likely be several times faster than 4G (assuming the OP even gets 4G where they are; if not, the difference will be even more dramatic).

And with cable, you’re not signing up for a 2-year contract. And the cable modem (if you don’t already have one) is potentially cheaper than the MiFi device.

Seriously, MiFi is for people who need to use internet on the go. It doesn’t make sense for home use unless you’re in the boondocks and have no regular ISP access available.

Compared to dial up even 3G fast. :eek: