Need help with A Clockwork Orange Halloween costume

It’s that time of year again and the villains and monsters are crawling out of the woodwork. Last year’s costume (creepy writing, hand prints and the like in “blood” in invisible ink on a white outfit, viewable because of my patented Blacklite Bowler Hat (batteries not included) ) was a great hit. This year, I was thinking of something a bit simpler and I’ve settled on a Droog costume.

So, Clockwork Dopers, what do I need?

Here’s what I’ve got, so far:

  • White button down shirt. ($15 at Freetex)
  • White suspenders. ($20 at Freetex)
  • White trousers. (Had an old pair)
  • Black laced-up marching boots (Borrowing from a friend)
  • Black bowler hat (Have to buy, considered investment in plausible criminal future.)
  • False lashes. (Got some good recommendations, going cheap at Standard)
  • Eye-liner around one eye (Right one, right? Friend supplying.)
  • Blue eyes ($50 at . . . oh. whistles)
  • Black cane.

What about whatever the hell that thing over their trousers is?

Ah, right. Codpiece.

. . . Any suggestions on where to find a codpiece would be appreciated.

Also, big black wrist watch seems to be in order, judging by the picture.

How horrorshow is thy nadsat, O my brother?

Also, rubber eyeball cufflink.

I decided to go to the source on this:

Now, I know that wasn’t a bit helpful, but it was fun to read, wasn’t it?

I imagine an athletic cup would do just fine.