Need help with a quote (maybe the punks can help)

“The music , if you can call it that …physically assaults anyone dumb enough to listen to it”

I need some details on this quote. Who said it? When? I know it refers to punk, but under what circumstance?

This webpage uses it but does not attribute it. The proprietor of that site has his email addy on a page he calls Writings by friends.

Wasn’t that said by Robert Plant of Led Zep referring to Stairway to Heaven? I could be wrong.

That would be odd.

I saw that website because I did a google search for it. I heard it in a song by the Casualties (Made in NYC was the song). Its baffling. I think the quote has long been attributed to punk, something which punks are proud of. The Stairway idea I think can be discounted for two reasons:

a.)Stairway is definately melodic, and even the metallic portion at the end was nothing short of normal for the time and

b.)Any punk using a quote attributed to metal, esp. Zep (the archnemesis of punks everywhere) would be a total poseur.

Of course I could be wrong too…

THe offbeats… maybe

Googling for “physically assaults anyone dumb enough” produced three hits: - credits the Offbeats - references the Casualties - references nothing