need help with an xmas present

At my work we are doing a Secret Santa thing, we’ve each picked a name out a hat and have to buy a present for that person. Thing is we can only spend £5 (about $7.50). Any suggestion would be appreciated. The person I’m getting a present for is a guy in his 20s.

How about some food you know he would like? Chocolate is always good, or if he likes coffee, some gourmet coffee. I love nice pens–if he has a job where he writes a lot, a cool pen might work.

Why not buy a Christmas ornament you can hang on the tree? That’s what I’m buying.

ashtray or lighter

something kitsch, like a venus flytrap plant or mini supersoaker, or a fancy schmancy keyring/bottle opener thing.
i’d say a shop like urban outfitters or a local toy shop.

20-something men are like 5 year olds…they like things noisy, brightly coloured and made of plastic.

I had the same dilemma (and price range) a few years back. I’d only just started at the company too, so I hadn’t even spoken to the guy I was supposed to buy for. I finished up getting a miniature dart board and darts from the Gadget Shop IIRC, and to my amazement it went down well. Surprisingly well made for a fiver.

Just promise you won’t get him any magazines - he’ll have to open the package in front of your boss ;).

I’m notorious for my fallback gift, a calendar – but everyone needs at least two (one for work, one for home), and I’ve had more than that at work (this year, I’ve got two regular-size wall calendars, a mini wall calendar, and a weekly desktop with nice art). If you know the person, you can get something geared toward his or her interests – if you don’t, nature scenes should be fine.