Need help with EQDKP+ setup

I tried this over in GQ a few days back but I think I might actually do better in here. I’ve tried the EQDKP+ forums with no result so far. I’ve installed it to my guild website but have a couple of problems (using the latest release).

  1. The Joomla wrapper just doesn’t seem to work. But I suspect this is related to the other problem.

  2. My players are able to register as users. But once that is done they can’t actually log in. Every time they try it just drops them straight back to the login prompt. No error messages. Just the prompt. I’ve turned on the debugging feature but as yet having no results from that either.

If anyone has any idea please let me know.

Do they have 3rd party cookies enabled? Just a thought, especially if you have it set up as an embedded page in a Joomla site.

I do indeed. I’m starting to tear my hair out a bit. It;s not really important until the level 80 raids but I like it up to keep track of things in the meantime (I can import CT Raid strings etc just fine). Of course once we do hit those raids it’s going to be a lot more important that people can log onto it

Depends on how you set the system up; if you can access and update everyone’s DKP totals, it doesn’t really matter if they can log in. Sure, it makes it more convenient for them to see their totals, but they can still look themselves up whether they’re logged in or not.

On an aside, do you have the J2DKP plugin? WoW Wiki implies it’s needed for using EQDKP with Joomla.