Need help with IE Favorites--Mac OS X

I need help importing my favorites into Internet Explorer 5.1 for Macintosh OS X (10.1). I made the new version of Netscape my default browser a few weeks ago because I wanted to try it out, but I’ve decided that I like IE better. Now I need to import my bookmarks back from Netscape to Explorer.

So, following the instructions in Explorer’s help file, I open up the “Favorites” window. Then I choose Import Favorites from the File menu, navigate to the bookmarks.html file that Netscape uses, and import that. This results in a folder called “Bookmarks” in my favorites list that contains all of my bookmarked sites. So far, so good.

But I don’t want everything nested in a “Bookmarks” folder. So I choose to Organize Favorites and drag everything out of “Bookmarks.” But the next time that I restart Explorer, all my favorites except for the ones in the first folder are gone! I’ve imported them half a dozen times now, and the same thing keeps happening. After going through this process a few times, I thought that I’d see what happened if I exported the favorites into an html file–and when I open that up, it too only includes the first folder’s worth of sites!

Can anybody help me get my favorites into Explorer and make them stay put? It’sdriving me nuts!

IE’s import wizard is a pain in the rear, I know.

Go to and dig up a program called “Bookit”. It automagically converts IE Favorites to Netscape Bookmarks and vice-versa, and it even lets you merge bookmarks from several browsers into one file (that you can then export to your browser of choice). Best of all, it keeps the order of your Bookmarks, so you don’t need to waste any time in IE “cleaning up” your Favorites. I use it all the time to convert my IE Favorites (from home) to Netscape Bookmarks (at work).

IE’s Favorites Wizard still bites, though.

Hmm, Bookit looks like a handy little program–but you have to register it in order to “write” bookmarks. I’m switching back to IE for good–I’m not going to be using both it and Netscape, and I’d much rather do this one-time dealio for free, if there is a way. But thanks for the suggestion!