Downloading (or Exporting?) Favorites?

Is there a way to easily download or export one’s Favorites into a Word file listing or Excel spreadsheet or similar format?

From IE, use Import/Export to create an XML file of your favorites names and the links.

If you want to convert that you could open it in Word and do a Save/As, but that will just save the labels as TEXT.

I assume other browsers also have a way to import or export bookmarks.

Firefox will export bookmarks as an HTML file.

Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks…


File > Export…

and choose a location to save the HTML file.

I just converted from Avant Browser to Firefox and would like to know how I can move the hundreds of Bookmarks from Avant to Firefox. So far, I have not found a method. If anyone knows how I can do that, it would be greatly appreciated.

IIRC, Avant allows you to export your bookmarks as an HTML file, just like Firefox. I think it’s something like File > Export Bookmarks. Make sure you remember where you save the HTML file.

Then, in Firefox:

Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks…

File > Import…**

Select **“From file” **and click Next. Browse to where your Avant HTML bookmarks file is. Select the file, and click Open. The bookmarks should be imported.

Oh, many thanks mhendo. That scenario worked like a charm. I am now a happy camper. :slight_smile:

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