Need help with Twilight Princess [Wii]

I’m almost done, but being anal about finding everything (which is why I love the Zelda franchise), I’ve cut every grass straw, bombed my way through all rocky parts, tried to open every door, ASF.

Two things have me stumped:

  1. In Ordon village, opposite the shop, there’s a house I’ve never gotten into (it’s the one with the bee nest above).
  2. South of Castle Town, there’s a pond with a treassure chest too high to reach, how to get to it?


I did everything possible in the game myself, and neither one of those could I ever find access to. I believe the Ordonne house is not meant to be enterable, but the treasure chest…I’m inclined to think it’s merely a statue, but it’s eaten at me ever since I discovered it. I know it’s not a heart piece, but I have no idea what it could be if it’s not simply decorative. It seems like it should be possible to get to; my best efforts to get a good look at it indicate a potential hidden door behind it. But how to access it, I have no clue.

If I remember correctly, you use the spinner to get to it.

Sorry, not the Spinner, I just checked.

Maybe it’s some leftover from the GC version. It’s probably just R20, but still…

Clawshot to a ledge on the left pillar (facing the town). Then look for a spinner track. From the spinner you can jump across.

Youtube shows how.

Gamefaqs is always useful :slight_smile:

GAMEFAQs is great, but the walkthroughs don’t have every detail.

I’ll check out per the link **Yookeroo ** provided.
No one with an idea about the locked door in Ordon village?

As for the locked door, turn into the wolf, use the wolf sense and find the spot to dig underneath the house.

Fado’s house? Search the GameFAQs archive for Fado. Apparently it’s just a locked house. There’s some speculation that it may be part of a future downloadable adventure. There’s a really crappy YouTube video where I guy uses the hookshot to get into it. Apparently it’s a very, very small room. And if you do it you’re locked inside.