Need help with Win XP and Norton Antivirus

I recently upgraded to Windows XP Pro from ME and now I can’t turn on auto-protect on Norton Antivirus; it is telling me to reinstall it. I can’t do this because it came with the computer, ie. it is on the system restore disk. So, to reinstall Norton I would have to reinstall everything including Win ME, right? Or is there a way to install only certain things of the restore cd. I do not what to stick with ME because it was very troublesome, and it been smooth sailing since I upped to XP, so how can I get antivirus to work with XP?

It says “The Norton Anitvirus Auto-Protect Driver could not be loaded. Your system is not protected from viruses. Please reinstall Norton Antivirus.”

When I upgraded to XP, I had to buy an upgrade for Norton Anitvirus (which I would have had to do anyway, as the program was approaching the end of its useful lifetime). If your version has reached that same point, upgrading is your best option.

Also, some versions of Norton Antivirus just don’t work with XP; however, you don’t seem to be getting that particular error message.

Jeep’s correct. The earliest version of Norton Antivirus compatible with WinXP is Norton AV 2000 (after downloading a patch, I believe). Either upgrade, or try AVG Antivirus for a freeware alternative.

If you want to see what programs from Win ME might not be compatible with Win XP, open your Start Menu, and go to Programs>Accessories>Program Compatibility Wizard. When I upgraded, the wizard told me that my Adaptec CD burning software and McAfee Antivirus weren’t compatible with XP. Now I’ve got Norton Systemworks 2002 on here, and it works great!