Need Klingon translation

Last night’s Cleveland Show had a parody of REM’s “Everybody Hurts” video, with people stuck in traffic, and showing what various people are thinking. One of them is Lt Worf, and he is thinking “Lujpu’ jIH Daq legh ghlee”. Anyone know what that means?

Nobody needs a Klingon translation.

According to the Klingon Translator, the first and last words (Lujpu and ghlee) are not in the Klingon dictionary. The middle words mean “I against look.”

From the tlhIngan Hol mu’ghom:

lujpu’ jIH’e’ = “I have failed”

Daq legh = “to see” or “watch”

I would hazard a guess that “ghlee” is borrowed from our English word “glee,” as that would not appear to be a concept normally expressed by Klingons.

So it seems as if Worf is lamenting that he missed “Glee.”

It seems as if that would be a plausible inside joke.

Seems to be the consensus. Thanks!

It’s not proper grammatical Klingon. But the analysis is right: it is an attempt to say something like “I have failed to watch Glee” by doing a word by word substitution from English.

Klingon grammar nazis.

Last call, everyone - end times are here!


So, what would be the grammatical way to express that sentiment in Klingon?

“He has dishonored the family by watching Glee. Kill him.”