Need logo from letterhead.

Hey guys,

I’m doing this video project for a company called Monarch Paving. I have a letterhead sample in my email and i have decided that their logo would make an awesome backdrop for the menu screen.

Problem is, i cannot take a word document into Photoshop, and everytime i print the page, the logo comes out pure black.

I have searched the internet for close to an hour and have not been able to find their logo.

Monarch Paving Company
Amery, WI

Can you save it into Paint, then import it to Photoshop?

Can you print it, then scan it into Photoshop?

No and no.

I don’t understand why printing doesn’t work, but whenever i do there is a big black box where the logo should be.

Assuming the letterhead sample is a Word document, and the logo is a graphic embedded within the document, it’s relatively simple to grab the image while in Word (copy) and then paste it into a graphics program.

Chances are good that the image in the Word document is a pasted picture. It should be possible to use the image editor in Word to open that picture for editing. Copy the image to the clipboard and then try to insert in Photoshop.

Failing that, zoom in on the image in Word and do a screen capture. Paste that into a graphics editor (like Paint) crop it down and save it to a useable format (.bmp, .jpg, etc.) This method may require a bit of work to clean it up to a presentable state.

The last and possibly best method is to ask the company if they have a copy of the logo in a format you can use. This has worked well for me in similar cases.

Thanks Rhubarb!

Option 2 worked like a charm.

Glad to help. Welcome to the 'Dope.

Gah. The husband’s graphic designer eyes are bleeding just from reading that.
He is offering to retrace the logo for you as vector art, so that it will show crisply on either webpage or print media. For a nominal fee :slight_smile:

Drop me an email if you are interested.