Where can I get examples of letterhead?

I volunteer for a non-profit organization. We’re running low on letterhead and I’ve been charged with designing or commissioning new letterhead. I’m looking for ideas for the new design so that I have some idea of what to design (or ask the artist to design). Does anyone know of a book or website which contains samples of elegent, professionally designed business letterhead?

Go to a print shop, even the copy center at Staples. They’ll have a book with samples. A good place to start.

If you go to http://images.google.com and put in “letterhead” you get about 100,000 hits. They might not all be professional and elegant but it’s a good, free, non-leaving-the-house place to start.

Does your organization have a logo? That should be incorporated into the design.

If you go to Amazon and type in letterhead, you’ll get 250 hits in the book category. The first page alone should have everything you could possibly want in learning letterhead design.