Need magazine subscription recommendation

I’d like to get my wife a subscription to a parenting and/or general entertainment and/or craft magazine for Christmas.

I just have no clue which to get her.

We had a subscription to Parenting in the past, but that one was probably just a bit off from us and what she would really enjoy. I think it catered to a slightly higher class.

I’m considering Readers Digest, as that would be somewhat entertaining and a casual read. But I’d like to get a parenting magazine to go along with that.

Does anyone subscribe to a good parenting magazine they’d recommend?

I am not sure the age of your wife or children, but Redbook is always a favorite for younger, working mothers. This link is a great start:

Family Circle is a good one, I don’t subscribe to it but the articles are relative to todays families. I have subscribed to Parenting for the last 4 years and the baby stuff doesn’t apply to our family anymore.

As for casual read, how about People magazine?

Sounds like she’s a perfect candidate for Family Fun…parenting info for older kids, plus lots of crafts. It’s published by Disney.

Can’t go wrong with a subscription to Cycle World!

Maxim, then steal it for yourself to read while on the can.