Need new rules for killing nuisance Canadian geese in Maryland

Apparently there are new federal guidelines (see below) that offer a lot more flexibility in exterminating problem Canadian geese. I’m trying to find the set of rules and regulations specifically for MD that would govern this. I’ve called the extension service but the “bird man” is currently out, and I left a message for him.

Are these rules online anywhere? Any help appreciated.

Do I even need a set of rules specifically for MD? Can I follow the federal guidelines & be OK?

This press release is a bit easier to read (bigger font)

Here is the federal rule (2 meg pdf)

BTW in the opinion of goose experts would a a shot from a high velocity paintball gun be able to kill a full sized Canadian or would it just piss it off?

What is the best way to safely kill a Canadian goose?

AFAIK, it is Canada Geese, not Canadian Geese.

And I wouldn’t mess with them, they’re mean.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Hunting Migratory Game Birds – Everything you ever wanted to know about hunting migratory game birds in Maryland, and more!
Including: It’s illegal to hunt on Sunday. Why? Are the birds religious?

I very highly doubt that a paintball gun of any velocity would kill a Canada Goose, they are pretty tough. The best way to kill one is a 12 or 10 gauge shotgun at a distance of 40 yards or less, using shot size BB or BBB.

I saw something once on television about a golf course that was trying to control their overpopulation of Canada geese. They tried fake owls, radio-controlled scary toy boats, scarecrows, noisemaking stuff, but none of them worked. The only thing that worked was a smart, vigorous border collie who enthusiastically chased the hell out of them!

If I’m understanding the press release right, they’re declaring that nuisance geese are now technically “non-migratory”, so they’re no longer eligible for all-encompassing automatic protection under the migratory bird hunting laws. So looking up the relevant statutes for hunting migratory birds won’t help.

But I’d definitely call the DNR if the extension service “bird man” isn’t back yet. Here’s an additional set of numbers for the Maryland DNR Wildlife and Heritage Services folks.

It would just PISS ME OFF.

[sub]Well never mind then.[/sub]

The state DNR bird man called me back. They are currently looking into these new federal regs and will likely have some response in the next several months. He gave me to understand that regardless of the federal regs, that any corrective actions by a property owner would still likely require a detailed list of what birds were taken & how etc., and that a state or private control professional would be required to deal with the birds. The only thing this ruling removes is the requirement to apply for federal on site assessment. You’re still going to need some sort of permit & permission to “harvest” these shit machines.

I used to work for a world famous audio equipment company. They had engineers, marketing people, technicians, and a guy that had two well trained border collies to herd geese and keep them away from the important parts of the grounds. I am sure it was a cool job for him.

Just be aware that they tend to be greasy.

You don’t say!

Kinda depends on what you mean by “best” and “safely”. Obviously, no method will be particularly safe for the goose.

Still, a flamethrower would be highly effective and also entertaining…

Not safe to immolate them… too much grease.