Need pet store in New York State

My cousin is looking for a good pet store or breeder in the New York area, prefably on Long Island.

She is looking for a Holland Lop rabbit, prefably a baby. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.

Have not used them myself but a big chain in the area is Petland discount- I know they have a few stores on the Island.

This is more of an MPSIMS than a general question, so I’ll move it.

moderator, GQ

Rather than wandering into a store and hoping for the best, you/he would probably be better off getting in touch with a breed cult, er. . . club.

For a list, try
that comes with the following address:
New York State Holland Lop RC
Janet McBride
11969 Rt 38
Cato, NY 13033


or this list of members’ e-mail addresses
from the Official Website of the Holland Lop Specialty Clubs:

or (if you get desperate–this site has billions of pop-ups and the rabbits all seem to be at the west or north end of the state):

And this site will provide links to several other source of information: