NYC/NJ area Dopers, find a home for these cats

A few weeks ago some animal lover in town decided to dump a family of 4 cats in the park across the street from my house. Mrs Cheesesteak and I rounded them all up, got them spayed/neutered, and have been fostering them ever since, but they need permanent homes.

Here are some pictures of the kitties.

Obviously, it’s unlikely that anyone would want 4 new cats all at once, but we’d prefer to adopt them out in pairs, so they’d each have a playmate. There are 3 adult cats, all spayed/neutered (now) and one intact male kitten, who I will try to get neutered before adoption. One of the cats needs dental work in order to preserve his long term health, and they all need a full checkup and all appropriate shots except rabies, that’s done already.

Even if you don’t know anyone who is interested in cats, any advice on how to get the word out that these kitties are looking for homes, would be most appreciated.

Recommending the Hudson River would be just plain mean-spirited, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, the cats don’t like water. We know this because of the flea baths they all got.

Bathing tip. Use two people, a deep utility tub, and a pair of welding gloves.

Yes, but not much different from most unwanted cats’ ultimate fate, anyway.

Damn you, I want them.

But I’ve got 3 already, two that were fostered that we adopted, and my husband would kill me. They’re sooo cute.

Ewwww, sorry I’ve got problems paying for my own recent dental work.