How to find way to find new home for cats?

With the vast number of stray cats in shelters, I suspect this is a very difficult thing to do, but wonder if anybody has suggestions.

An aquaintance of mine is extremely ill, and probably not long for this world. She has two lovely adult cats, and wondered if by computer search, i could help her to find a way to give them to a good home. She is unwilling now to put them in any shelter where they would be caged while awaiting a home.

My first foray into Google got thousands of hits of various shelters, humane societies, etc. On investigating, most, naturally, were trying to **find **homes for the plethora of cats they already had, and none that I looked at even had a way to investigate giving cats away.

After opening a couple of pages of links, I suspect this is a lost cause, unless she is willing to have them euthanized. A sad state of affairs, but I am not surprised.

Any suggestions of an organization that might be helpful in this situation? There are a couple of no-kill shelters I found, but looking at the number of cats they are already trying to find homes for, is not encouraging.

Call the no-kill shelters. They may be willing to take them in with a decent donation.

Otherwise, if she is a good writer a nice story on Craigslist (with suitable screening of potential new owners) may be a worthwhile endeavor.

How sad, I hope I never end up there. I’d hate to think of my beloved cats looking for a new home.

I was able to re-home a couple of adult cats through Craiglist. You can’t sell them or list them in the for sale section. There is a pets listing in the community section. The rules state no sales or breeding but asking for a small adoption fee is okay.

Thanks, guys, two good suggestions. I never thought of craigslist, but looking at it seems as though that would be a good place to try.

Also went to the website of a shelter, which is good one as they don’t keep the cats, but put out ads and pics trying to find a family, so will contact them tomorrow. They were surprisingly successful in placing cats last year.

My sister recently found a home for her two 6-year-old cats (they even stayed together) by putting a free add in the local paper. I believe it took about a week to rehome them. It isn’t that hard to give away animals, particularly if they’re healthy and “fixed.”

CraigsList is good. There is also They have a classified section that you can place a free ad in.

I have adopted a cat and a dog from both of them.

I would not recommend that you say they are free. Indicate there is an adoption or re-homing fee. Even if you wave it later when you find the right person. It keeps people away that only want cats for dog fighting rings etc.

Also, if you work at a largeish company, put up fliers and such.