Denver Dopers! Need advice on a finding a home for a couple cats

My cousin lives in Denver. Cousin is 30ish, a student, a waiter - you get the picture. Not a lot of extra funds there.

His father recently got transfered to Denver. He works for the national guard, and this will be a temporary assignment, expect to last 6 months to a year. They’re going to move in together, as a way for my cousin to get some much-needed structure in his life and family bonding and all that.

Problem is, cousin has two cats. Father is allergic to cats. Cousin thought he had someone lined up to take care of the cats for the months he’d live with his father. Unfortunately, the person backed out, and now cousin is desperately trying to find someone to watch his cats. Time is ticking, and he’s really afraid he’s going to end up having to take them to the Humane Society in the next day or two.

He’s willing to give them up entirely, though he doesn’t want to. That’s my first question: I know there used to be a fair number of no-kill shelters in the Denver area. Cousin doesn’t know about these. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Second question: if you or anyone you know can possibly take these cats for a few months (or forever, if they’d rather), please let me know! They’re really nice cats, litter trained, healthy, all that.

My email’s in my profile, and thanks in advance.