Finding a new home for my cat

I’ll be out of the country for a couple of years, so I’d like to find a new home for my cat.

What’s the best way to go about it? I’ve asked friends and coworkers, but I’ve gotten no responses so far.

Are shelters the way to go, or do they euthanize the animals if they can’t find a home quickly? (I definitely wouldn’t want that)

Any other options?

Details: It’s a female cat, 6 years old, very well behaved. We currently live in Silicon Valley.

I’d avoid the shelter route, if at all possible. Even the “no-kill” ones could be a poor experience depending on how well your cat handles it.

One thing you could try is a site like Nextdoor if one exists for your neighborhood. Local social networks like those can sometimes be helpful with simple things like rehoming pets. They also come with the annoying drawbacks of most social sites, ( i.e. douchebag members ) so buyer beware.

May I ask what part of the country you live in? Possibly central US?

Try these guys. They’re in Redwood City.

Nine Live Foundation

I got one of my cats from them. They are no kill and I believe that they try and foster animals as well.

If you’re in SF, the humane society there is also supposed to be first rate.

Silicon Valley is the south end of the SF Bay Area-roughly Palo Alto down through San Jose.

One place to look are private rescue groups but you need to really look them over to pick a good one.

This looks promising.

Too bad you are halfway across the country. I have room for a cat in need, and I know I’d be getting a mature cat that didn’t need litter training.

What part of the world are you going to where they don’t have cats?
Why would you go there?

hi The help I can post is that a shelter isnt a good place! cats get adopted from shelters; and you dont take cats to shelters!

You might want to ask your veterinarian. Mine assists in adoptions.

What the hell does this even mean?

Most places have a dearth of local cats and the authorities frown on importing more. That’s just one reason…

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There’s some group that helps arrange transport for pets by linking up people (like pony express) to hand the animal off to the next ride, I’m not making this real clear but maybe that would be a way to get that kitty from **Polarius **to you. If I were anyplace on the route I’d help but I’m sure I’m not. I wish I knew the name of that group…

…I’m imagining Grumpy Cat on the back of a horse… :eek:

Please do not use whole bananas to clean up the windshield, only the peels. You do not need to step on them beforehand.

Our local humane society takes surrenders as a last resort - your local humane society may too.

The cats at our humane society are treated very well. They have a huge indoor/outdoor cattery and lots of attention from visitors and staff (and lots of cubbyholes to hide in when they don’t want attention). I don’t believe they euthanize any cats. The cats typically adopt out quickly. If a cat is having a hard time being adopted, they will waive the adoption fee. You may be able to find an equally good humane society in your area. Good luck!

If he were permitted to take his cat with him to another country, chances are it would be required to be quarantined for at least six months. Better for the cat to find a new home for it than to make it be locked up a cage for that long.

Apparently there are several groups that do this. Google pet transportation or similar.

If you haven’t already, Facebook and Reddit. It’s one of the most consistently reliable ways get people to adopt a pet in my experience. Take some cute pictures, tell a sad story and encourage everyone you know to share it. You’ll eventually get connected to someone who would love to have him.

My cousin just chose to give up a impulsively acquired kitten (long aggravating story that makes me hate my family) and after posting to Facebook had like 3 takers in an hour. Granted she’s a 20-something girl and the cat is still a kitten, so pretty much ideal circumstances, but still.

And on Reddit there’s the story of Waffles.

If kitty is a specific breed, are there rescues for specific breeds? I know these organizations exist for dogs; don’t know if they also exist for cats.

Would you like the option of getting the cat back upon your return?
Maybe a foster who would appreciate some help on the food and vet expenses exists?

On the plus side, you are in an area of high density people and money, so options are a bit better.