Take my cat, please! (pics included) [need new home for cat in Southern CA area]

I am looking for someone who can adopt my wonderful cat. Joyfully, I am getting married soon, but sadly, my fiancée is allergic to cats, so we cannot keep her (the cat). I know people have found a place for their cats on the boards before, so fingers crossed.

My cat’s name is Penny. She is about 8 years old, in good health, and has beautiful green eyes.

She enjoys napping, chasing toys, and, uh, whatever this is.

Importantly, she can take a joke.

Full Album.

She has her claws and has thus far been an indoor-only cat.

She has a charming disposition and will often “contact high” purr just sitting near you. She’s becoming a bit more of a lap-cat in her middle age, but she likes to stand while being petted. She is a fantastic companion and I will miss her dearly.

I live in Santa Barbara, so I can deliver her in the greater Southern California area. If you’re farther away than that but interested, let me know and I’ll see what arrangements can be made.

Thank you.

I’m not a potential adopter, but just wanted to give you an fyi that it says I don’t have permission to view any of those photos.

Edit: It’s been fixed. That’s a very cute cat.

People, people, a public service announcement: even if you can’t help the OP, you’ve got to click on the one labeled “uh, whatever this is.”

You will not be disappointed. :smiley:

Are you sure you’ll be able to part with her after 8 years? If the marriage doesnt work out your gonna really really regret giving her up. Just sayin. Good luck, though she’s a nice kitty,and kudos for not doing what a lot of assholes do and dump her off at shelter.

I don’t know if you know this but it might be worth saying anyway…

My husband is allergic to cats, but only moderately. Runny/stuffy nose, itchy eyes, hives, but nothing dangerous. We decided to try getting a cat anyway. We use Allerpet C on our cat once a week and vacuum often, and he has no symptoms at all even 4 months later. He can even rub his face directly on the cat without issue. Only if we forget and go about two weeks does any reaction start to occur, and it goes away immediately when we wash the blankets and rub down the cat again.

However, if your fiancee is any more allergic than my husband, I would not recommend it. Maybe try it and see if you can all live together.

Thank you Macca26 for the suggestion. I wish I had known about that product sooner, but I’m going to order some now and see how it works. My fiancee is about as allergic as your husband, maybe a bit more. The real problem is that she can’t get a good night’s sleep with the cat in the house. She ends up waking up partway through the night completely stuffed up and with a scratchy throat. It makes me think of basically always having a cold, which sounds awful to me, and though my fiancee is a good sport and willing to try, I feel bad every time I can see how uncomfortable she is.

I didn’t mention it in my OP, but there’s the added wrinkle that we will be traveling internationally and living out of backpacks for about four months after the wedding, so we’ll need to find some place Penny for that time.

When we considered boarding Penny for several months, then probably needing to find a new home for her after that anyway, we decided that it would be better for Penny to find a new home now. Cats aren’t big on disruptions to their lives, and we want to minimize the amount of stress she has to go through.

I don’t think it’s a asshole-ish thing to take a pet you can no longer keep to a shelter. It’s a hell of lot better than dropping it off in an empty field and assuming it can take care of it self.

I don’t understand this sentence.
This I understand.:smiley:

Yes, I don’t either.

Penny came from the shelter, and she may return as a last resort. It’s quite nice, as shelters go, and has great staff. I have friends who volunteer in animal rescue locally.

That said, the shelter always has more work and animals to care for than they have time, and it’s certainly stressful for a cat to have to go live in a cage for a while, so I’m hoping that I can find a new home for her on my own.

I think what russian heel was getting at, and what we agree with, is that you shouldn’t just discard a cat without consideration for its wellbeing.

I think it depends on the kind of shelter. There are no-kill shelters and shelters that euthanize if the animal isn’t adopted within a certain period of time. I can’t imagine sending a beloved pet to one of those.

We got one of our cats from a foster program. That’s something to consider if there’s one in your area.

What a beautiful cat. If I wasn’t far, far away…

My son lives in Santa Barbara. I sent him a link to this thread in case he knows anyone who needs a cat.

I live in Michigan,would be happy to take her if arrangements can be made.

We call it “the faceplant”. Our cat naps like that, only not sitting up.

I’m on the other side of the country and can’t take another cat anyway, but I wanted to wish you luck. It may help to ask a mod to change the thread title to say you’re looking to rehome your kitty in the CA area - otherwise it’s easily mistaken for any other cute cat pics thread.

Thank you for the offer. I am going to try to find someone a bit closer for a while, but I really appreciate it and will be in touch if necessary.

Antigen, I asked for a title change. Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully people who might be interested would be drawn to a cute cat pics thread too.

Let me talk to my SO. We’ve discussed getting our boy a brother or sister, but never did anything about it. (I’m in the SFV) My current cat is about 7, at least partially maine coon and very friendly as in he sleeps curled up by my chest, sits on or next to me a lot, etc. I’m not 100% sure how he’d react to a new cat in the house. How long do you have before you have to get her a new home?

I have a bit over a month. Thanks for considering her :slight_smile:

Well, I’m trying. He’s leaning pretty hard toward no but said he’ll think on it. Part of it is our cat has had health issues so there have been high vet bills and at 8, there’s a good chance that your girl will need health care before long as well.

If I didn’t know that my girl cat Pepper hasn’t been out of my personal residences without my knowledge, I would wonder why you were posting pictures of my cat.

Spitting image.