Need Political Speech Topics

Hey guys! I’ve been looking a lot at speech writing and was looking to keep writing stuff every week to keep polishing and honing my skills for speech writing. However, political speeches usually revolve around policy initiatives or campaigns or tragedies, etc. Frankly, I’m not the best at thinking of a prompt to give myself and I’ve run through a couple different obvious ones (school shootings, terrorist threats, etc.) I’m reminded of Toby Zeigler’s test of Will Bailey where he told him to write “a 500-word stanza on American leadership in a globally interdependent age that moves beyond triumphalism by this time tomorrow. If it’s 501, don’t show it to me.”

Could you guys give me some prompts or ideas and I’ll write for them? That’d be so fantastic.

  • Ariel Sharon’s legacy.

  • Have life support techniques advanced “so much it’s absurd”? (Re. Sharon, that girl in California, that woman in Texas)

  • Sometimes companies include fines for breaking regulations into “the cost of doing business”. What can be done to avoid this? Should it be avoided?

  • Are banks too big to control?

I simply took a peek at the cover of the NYTimes.