Need some female doper advice. (Fairly mild TMI)

I am attempting to type this whilst scrunched up to one side. Ack. I’m having big time pain in the pelvic region - and I’m bleeding and my period was over on the 23rd of May…No siree. I should not be seeing blood.

So before any of you suggest that I get myself to the doctor, I will tell you that I have an appointment for Monday. That was the soonest I could get one unfortunately…Right now I’m surviving on Advil, Alleve, and some old pain medication. The receptionist at the doctor’s office said that if the pain became intolerable I should go to the ER pronto…Now I will do that, but I have to say, the pain would have to be pretty horrendous as I don’t want some 2nd year resident who has never done a pelvic exam fumbling around up there when I feel like this!

I’ve been doing some searches on the internet and I’m coming up with fibroid tumors…lovely.

I’m feeling kinda scared right now. You’re all so good about sharing similar experiences. Was wondering if any of you have had these symptoms and lived to tell about them??
Thanks in advance

Freaked out Shana:(

I’m no doctor, but it sounds almost like you’ve got an ectopic pregnancy. Go to the emergency room, please. It could just be related to ovulation, but do you want to take the chance?

As for the expertise of the ER staff, a second-year resident has been doing pelvics for 4 years, so I’m sure they’ve figured out what belongs where by now.

Hi CrazyCatLady…Do you really think it could be an ectopic pregnancy? Even though I’ve just had my period?? Gosh, that never occured to me. Thanks for your input.

I’m sure you’re right about the ER…It’s just that I’ve been to the ER near me for asthma attacks and I wasn’t terribly impressed with the doctors there…To be honest, I think I’m just really scared of someone even going near me right now…Of course, I will have to have an exam on Monday. I guess I’m just avoiding the inevitable.

Well, if you’ve got a 28 day cycle, you most likely ovulated 14 days after the start of your period. Factor in a few days for growth in the Fallopian tube, and you’d be in about the right time frame, and the symptoms are consistent with everything I’ve ever heard about ectopic pregnancy.

Go now, please. If you do have an ectopic, your Fallopian tube could rupture long before your doctor’s appointment, and that ain’t good. That happened to a cousin of mine, and she nearly died.

I know it’s all scary, but you’re a lot better off going now, while you’re awake to tell people what’s going on and answer their questions than to be hauled in unconscious.

I don’t think it’s an ectopic pregnancy. I started spotting 4 days after my period was completely over. From what I’ve just read online about ectopic pregnancy I would actually have to have missed a period and then have the symptoms start up…but thanks so much for your concern CrazyCatLady! I’m going to try and see if they can somehow fit me in tomorrow or Friday…I admit I have been avoiding dealing with this. It’s ridiculous of me and I should not be such a ninny…I think I am just one of those women who are inordinately afraid of pelvic exams. And that’s when I’m feeling ok! (Not that that is an excuse for my lame denial.)

My first thought was ectopic pregnancy, too. Please, go get it ruled out. If it turns out to be one, waiting is not a Good Thing. I had a coworker who had one a couple years ago, so I’ve seen how rapidly things can go from bad to very, very bad indeed.

You may not like your local ER docs, but it’s better to give them a chance to just examine you than end up with them trying to save your life from a rupture dFallopian tube with all the complications that could present?

I don’t think it’s en ectopic pregnancy. It sounds more like a heamorrage. Are you bleeding really heavily? Or is it just a drip?

If you were having an ectopic pregnancy, you’d be bleeding internally by now, I don’t think that that’s it.

I hada a similar experience, once, but that was after I had an IUD placed. Three days later I woke up in a puddle (small one) of my own blood, so got to the ER.
They took an echo and told me it was my body adjusting to a foreign body within it.

It doesn’t sound as if it’s something minor, though, so please, do let us know what was wrong, ok?

Hope you’ll get better and hope it’s nothing serious


OH Shana! :(:(:frowning:

That sounds miserable. I certainly hope it is not ectipic pregnancy - now would that be a surprise. (I wonder what your dogs would think of a little anklebiter crawling about) :)Nor do fibroids sound fun.

Well, I think this explains why I have not seen you to chat with online lately.

Poor thing - I hope the medic can fit you in ASAP.

HUGS! :slight_smile:

With that amount of pain you really need to see someone asap… I agree with the ER assessment as it is better to have them take care of it now!

Ectopic pregnancy is a possibility and was my first thought and really needs to be ruled out by someone medical!

No matter what … get thee to a doctor! I know they are scary and I loathe pelvic exams but they are a necessary evil.

My wife had an ectopic pregnancy - delay in period by a few days, then big period, then it stopped, then a few days went by(maybe 7 - 10) then spotting and cramps. Her OB/GYN told her to do a home pregnancy test, and sure enough it came back positive. She had to get care pronto.

I agree with everyone who recommends an ER visit or something else to get it checked out ASAP.

Between now and seeing the medica, Shana - if you can tolerate being online for a bit - try to e-mail or chat with Rachel - that might help.

Big big sympathy!


My mother had a burst ovarian cyst that caused her immense pain. They seem to be common. Could that be it?

Either way, hope everything is well after the doc appointment!

Pain on one side and bleeding are NEVER good.
This can’t wait til Monday Shana.

It sounds like it could be an ovarian problem.
You NEED a pelvic exam and an ultrasound. Even if it’s not serious, at least you could get some proper, prescription strength, pain relief.

You have my best wishes for a speedy recovery, and hugs for the pain.

My fiancee spots all the time, are you on the pill Shana? That could have something to do with it.

My fiancee has been to the docs and everything and they couldn’t solve it, they just changed her pill perscription and that cleared it up…until she got used to that one. So now it’s a cycle of changes.

My fiancee never had pain in her side though.

Fibroid tumors run in my family and that doesn’t sound quite like what my mom went through. (I’m due for mine in 10 years or so - I’ll let you know then.) Hie thee to a doctor, Shana - better you go to the emergency room and find out for sure that it’s nothing than wait a few days and have it be something really, really serious.

And they say that guys don’t like gonig to the doctor. jeez.

let me tell you, if i had a stabbing pain in my side and was bleeding out the end of Mr. Sparky, you can bet your ass I’d be down at the ER.

This is no better than a wild guess based on my past experience, but it could be a burst ovarian cyst. If it gets better, you can wait until Monday, but if it either gets worse or stays the same, get to the ER at once - you don’t want an infected burst cyst!

Yep. Another here for getting thy hiny down to the ER post haste. As in YESTERDAY!!!

As irishgirl says, pain on one side and bleeding are never good.

Too many if and what ifs. If for nothing other than peace of mind, please get yourself looked at before Monday.

Be good to yourself, be careful, and best wishes.


ive you an update! Oh yea…and you were right and I was…First off, I just wanted to thank you all for your support and concern. It really helped a great deal when I was up late worrying and in pain.

Ok, well, don’t be mad at me. As I’ve already stated, I’m a complete ninny. I’m also maddeningly stubborn…I didn’t go to the ER. I waited until today to go to my gynocologist. I seem to have this block about having a man do a pelvic exam on me. I thought if I went to the ER they wouldn’t take too kindly to me demanding to see a woman and basically give me whoever was available. So I kept telling myself, “Just hold on a little longer and you can see your nice, female doctor in her cushy office with the fake plants and the elevator music!”

Yup, I waited alright. An hour in agonizing pain on her not so cushy chair in the waiting room…Then I finally was allowed into the inner sanctum. Well, the exam was horrendous. I cried like a baby. And let me tell you, I don’t think I was thinking, “Oh gee I’m really glad she’s a woman, this is soooo much better than the ER!” Uh, no. Actually, it was something more like, “Oh dear God take me now. Hit me with a polo mallet pleaaaassseee!” - So yes, I’m kicking myself that I didn’t go to the ER sooner. I could have had some “proper drugs” and some peace of mind. Well, sort of.

So apart from being the Mayor of Denial I am also the Chancellor of Idiotville as well…The doctor told me that I’m pregnant and in the midst of a miscarriage! Shock of shocks. Hmm, so that’s why none of my pants fit and my boobs are the size of Texas? Ahh I see.

She wants me to come back on Wed. because she’s concerned that I’m still in pain and bleeding. She mentioned that I might need a D and C. What exactly is that?? On second thought, don’t tell me…better I not know!!! Ah well, she did give me some Darvocet. I’m still feeling the contractions, but it definitely takes the edge off… This whole thing is very disconcerting. It’s not as though my husband and I were trying to have a baby, but still, it leaves you feeling a bit unsettled - but I suppose that’s natural.

Anyway, thanks again guys. I just thought I’d gcough…so very wrong.

xoxox Shana

Hmm, I’m not sure what the heck happened to the beginning and ending of my post there…lol. I think the hamsters decided to give it a little nibble?

Ah well…hope you can make it out…lol.