Need some server admin help

I’m looking for some help with some server administration issues.

I need someone who really knows what they are talking about with Linux servers. Depending on what we can negotiate, I will either pay for some information or for some tasks.

I am only looking here because I only want to deal with someone who has some kind of longevity and reputation here on the Dope; it’s sensitive, obviously, and I need to feel I can trust the person I’m dealing with. Not possible with Craigslist or other completely anonymous source.

So PM me if you’re interested.

any reason why you can’t provide even the barest outline, such as OS and software descriptions so those of use who might be qualified can decide if this is even up our individual alleys?

Linux Cent OS, Apache, Pro FTP, OpenSSL(I think)…

any estimate on the amount of work involved and/or the budget, for the same reasons I mentioned earlier

No, it’s not a big project, it’s basic stuff that a real server admin could probably do in their sleep with one hand tied behind their back. I am nothing close to a server admin, I just play one because I got screwed by Godaddy.

what’s wrong with godaddy? I don’t use them for hosting (only for registrar), but just last week I happened to take a look at the hosting plans, and it was tons better than last time I looked years ago. Pretty generic stuff for web hosting I suppose, and to their credit, they do offer ssh which makes almost every other tool up there superfluous.

What could they possibly do to mess up the hosting of a web site?

I’m a server admin/IT Director, and I’m willing to freelance. Send me a PM with a little more detail and I’ll quote you a rate.

“offer ssh” is only a great thing if you have a clue what you’re doing to start with. I made it VERY VERY VERY clear, in LONG, DETAILED conversations with my sales rep exactly what I was capable of and not capable of. He made it sound like Plesk was a magical fairy that would take care of everything…

No, plesk is a handy tool that does the stuff I am capable of doing with Plesk. But anything beyond that? Oh, well, no, you have to pay Godaddy a monthly fee for the privelege of paying them $150 an hour.

aka “bait and switch”

rolling eyes. My host uses cpanel, my own servers use webmin, but for the most part those are tools to save me the pleasure of the command line.

So am I to conclude that because you reached your skill limit, and the first person wants to charge you the going rate, you are going to nickel and dime people here who have the same or maybe even better skill set?

Because right now, you haven’t narrowed it down much - you could be asking about anything linux related, and finding one person with the experience to cover all of that is going to be hard at 20/hour. I might qualify, and I was one of the early engineering developers and managers at the company that invented web-based hosting. That’s where I first learned all this. I have since learned lots more, but lots more new things have arisen. One person can only pick and choose and understand so much.

But what makes you think some random SD person is going to know what you need to know any better than people at godaddy? Or is it that they will simply be cheaper to you, and you can threaten their reputation on here if you are not satisfied?

It is not like you are not known to be litigious by your writings on this very board, and to take a grudge to the extremest possible extreme all without being willing to pay for professional advice because you don’t value professionals or anything.

So why should anyone take the risk that you will be a good customer?


Stop it. Now.

Stoid has some work. She advertised for some help. not_alice, if you don’t wish to work for her, keep your comments out. This is not the forum for it.


Rico -

I don’t know if I wish to work for her. She hasn’t really described the work, and she said it might be just to answer a few questions. I am only trying to find out what the work actually is so I can decide if I might be interested.

All I know now is that she asked the folks at godaddy, and either didn’t like the answer, or the rate, or both, but I find it unlikely they gave her the wrong answer or are not capable of doing the work, so I suspect the rate is an issue.

Since she hasn’t said what either the work is, or the rate she is willing to pay, but has indicated that trust is a factor, I find that a curious way to advertise this sort of work.

Usually it goes something like: “I need help rebuilding mysql tables by entering records from a spreadsheet I collected, and I need to automatically perform this task once per week” or something like that.

I appreciate that she has said that the limits of Plesk (or the tools therein offered) are the issue here, that is somewhat helpful. It doesn’t mean that the tools don’t do what she wants, perhaps she hasn’t figured out how to make them do it. Or perhaps they don’t do it, who knows.

Truth is, someone who is an expert here might solve the problem quickly, through knowledge, experience, and judicious googling. But what is the point of being such an expert, to solve someone’s existential server problems in short order, when I would make less because I work quick, then someone with no experience who not only works slower, but is less liely to get things right with the same level of certainty?

Without even knowing the problem, someone like me, who might work at a a fixed and rate, not hourly, with a guarantee and professional followup as needed, might be better from her, and in fact cost the same, as someone who does web sites in the spare time when not filling hours at Starbucks.

So buyer and seller beware I suppose and that seems fair enough…

Or you could have just sent her a PM, and got a somewhat more details synopsis of her problem that enabled me to realistically quote rates at her.

:smiley: 'zackly.

She says she wants participation the SDMB to impart some level of trust in a sensitive operation. That sounds wise and fair. But it cuts both ways, may I suggest only that you use the search function and come to your own conclusion.

Will you likely have trouble? Probably not.

Heh, man, I’m a contract sysadmin by trade on occasion–I have a GREAT lawyer on retainer. (how great is he? He has a shoebox in his closet that is labeled “Legal Attack Shoes” and which appear to be golf cleats screwed into the bottom of a normal set of black oxfords). Also, he wins the occasional lawsuit, too. =P)

No worries. not_alice is making it seem as though I’m likely to sue people whose advice I find wanting, based on the fact that someone else sued me, which of course makes no sense. I declined to sue my first lawyer even when my second lawyer insisted repeatedly that I should, because whatever mistakes he made, he made them with good intentions.

These facts are the facts that you’ll find if you do a search. Interpreting them to mean that doing business with me is risky is strange, to say the least.

Paranoid much? I haven’t said anything about suing anyone, only that someone should use the same level of trust - record on sdmb - with you as you wish to use it on your candidates. Is that unfair or wrong to suggest?

Who said anything about suing other than you? Honestly, that you have enough troubles with lawyers that one is wanting to sue another is news to me. So is any case that you are a defendant in - the only thing I know of is that you were pro se in an appeal. If there were other cases with actual attorneys that were also pretty wild and crazy, well. I didn’t know that.

And I certainly didn’t say anything in this thread about you and the legal system at all - I just double checked. But thanks for sharing stoid, if you think it is relevant for people to know.

li·ti·gious (l



s)*****adj.***1. Of, relating to, or characterized by litigation.
2. Tending to engage in lawsuits.

So were you under the impression that “litigious” meant, oh… I don’t know…“beautiful”? Brilliant? Warm, funny, affectionate, generous?

I find honesty is always the best policy. YMMV.

So you mean honesty about not defending, but prosecuting an appeal, pro se, and seeking advice on here that numerous attorney told you would be unethical or worse for them to provide you absent a relationship and you berating them for ages telling theme they are all wrong and should simply ask your question, when you were hiding behind semantics and everyone on the thread - lawyer or not - knew it? That kind of honesty?

Look Stoid, you will probably find the help you need here, maybe you already did. I just think it is fair that people consider doing the same due diligence on this board about you as you wish to do about them. Do you think they shouldn’t di that level of due diligence?

Odds are, the transaction will go well, maybe it is good in a way that if both parties are on sdmb that will lesson any histrionics regarding a dispute later should there be one. But it might make it worse too.

I hope you find what you need and your web site is a wild success, and you enter into a good business relationship with someone. I really do. I’m just saying that ifyou are going to make buying decisions based on sdmb reputation, people should make selling decisions based on the same. How you and they make those decisions or what you and they end up deciding is not my concern. I wish you and whoever is going to be your admin-hero all the best!