Need songs about pregnancy

So Paula’s hunny is preggers, and I’m thinkin’ the band need to put together a medly. Cranberries (Doctors have come from distant cities, just to see me), sure. Jackson Brown (Baby’s feelin’ funny in the mornin’), OK.

What else?

Natalie Merchant, I believe.

How about cheesy classic “Havin’ My Baby” by Paul Anka:

*Havin’ my baby
What a lovely way of sayin’ how much you love me
Havin’ my baby
What a lovely way of sayin’ what you’re thinkin’ of me
I can see it, face is glowin’
I can see in your eyes, I’m happy you know it *

If you include the actual act of child birth, you can include Suzanne Vega’s Birth-Day

One thing I know:
This pain will go
Step through all that’s left to feel
I wait to meet my love made real
Shake all over like an old sick dog
There’s a needle here, needle there
Tremble in the fog
It’s a tight squeeze, a vice grip of ice & fire
She’s a hot little treasure and the wave goes higher…

Might be a little ‘much’ for the lady, though :wink:

Perhaps throw in a line or two from Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach” (“I’m keeping my baby”)?

Then there’s “Muffin in the Oven” by Jeff Elbel + Ping. Can be heard here (free sample or $0.77 download, apparently); lyrics & guitar chords available by clicking here, then on the logo, then on “lyrics,” then on “Eleventh Hour Storybook,” then on “Muffin.” (Sorry, it doesn’t look like I can post a more direct link.)

If you’re willing to go to a few minutes post-birth, and know it’s a girl, there’s always Isn’t She Lovely.

“Closing Time” by Semisonic is typically taken to just be a song about last call at a bar, but it’s also about birth.

Kate Bush - “Room for the Life”

And I’d say the best baby song is “Baby Mine” from Dumbo.

BTW, said song may not be appropriate.

I can’t think of any songs, but Sylvia Plath’s Metaphors is a beautiful, bewitching, confounding poem about being pregnant; note the nine lines, with nine syllables per line. It all builds to a bizarre mystery: “I’ve boarded the train there’s no getting off.” Good stuff.

When is the due date? If it’s not before the winter holidays, you could get It’s so Chic to be Pregnant at Christmas in there. By Nancy White.

Song # 2 on this album.

Wow! Post#12 and nobody has mentioned 10,000 ManiacsEat For Two

And one of my favorites: Knock Me Up by **Folk Uke***

*****Arlo Guthrie’s daughter, Cathy, and Willie Nelson’s daughter, Amy.

More labour than pregnancy, but her “This Woman’s Work” is good, too. Could also check out the cover by Maxwell for a slightly (anly a little) different take.

Kate songs, hmmm…how about “Breathing”?

Maybe not.

“Me and My Baby” from the musical Chicago

Me and my baby
My dear little baby
My cute little baby
My sweet little baby
My fat little baby
My soft little baby
My pink little baby
My bald little baby
Looka, my baby and me

Not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, but Lauryn Hill’s son “Zion” is about her son, and when she found out she was pregnant.

Danny’s Song (by Kenny Loggins) is nice and sweet:

People smile and tell me I’m the lucky one
And we’ve just begun, think I’m gonna have a son
He will be like she and me, as free as a dove
Conceived in love, sun is gonna shine above

First song I thought of when I saw the thread title was “The Kick Inside,” which would be extremely “maybe not.”

Definitely on the darker side of pregnancy is Ben Folds Five’s Brick Appropriate only if they want to get un-preggers.

Blessed by Elton John

Hey you, you’re a child in my head
You haven’t walked yet
Your first words have yet to be said
But I swear you’ll be blessed

I know you’re still just a dream
your eyes might be green
Or the bluest that I’ve ever seen
Anyway you’ll be blessed
Richard Shindell’s Spring includes lyrics that clicked with me for friends who were expecting in June:

And opening your eyes you will surrender
To the light that fills the room
And the hope that you have carried since September
You will offer up to June