Need spoiler for new movie "Little Black Book" -What's the nasty little twist?

Per this review

According to the trailers I’ve seen (which makes me wonder why I’d want to see the movie)

her best friend is one of her boyfriend’s exes. but for some reason doesn’t tell her. I’m guessing that tears followed by a huge reunion scene ensue

I haven’t seen it – and I ain’t gonna unless I lose one hell of a bet – but The Stranger this week ran a short review with spoilers for the end.

Scroll to the bottom of the page. Read at your own risk. Spoilers ahoy. May contain peanuts.

Bridgette Murphy and Holly Hunter work for an “Oprah” type show with sagging ratings. Holly Hunter is her boss and friend. She becomes her partner in crime as she tracks down old girlfriends. Turns out in the end that Holly Hunter was only pretending to be her friend so she could have the boyfriend, the exes, and Bridgette Murphy all appear live on stage. This is a total shock to Bridgette, of course. She winds up losing her boyfriend when he realizes one of his exes on stage was really the one, while Hunter cackles at it all.

Yes, my wife dragged me to see this. Yes, I’m dragging her to see Zatoichi as punishment.

After reading that spoiler, I can say Thank God.

The premise of the movie, as I saw it, was this stupid bitch of a GF needs to dig up dirt on her BF. I was hoping that he found our and dumped her ass in the end. Thank you for letting me know this happens. Seriously, if I ever found out my GF was contacting an my exes to find out why I was a bad BF, she’d be on the curb too fast to hit her ass on it. Good to know the girl gets her comupance.

Plot Twist for “Little Black Book” ?
It’s a Cookbook !!! It’s a Cookbook !!!

It’s made of people, PEOPLE! and is a sled.

Let’s just say Jaye Davidson was the first choice to play Murphy’s character and leave it at that.