Need Stock Windows Desktop Images

I’m a Mac User doing a project for a PC company, and I need to use the stock Windows desktop images. I’m especially interested in the rolling-hills-and-blue-sky and bench-at-the-end-of-a-tree-lined-path pictures. Would someone be so kind as to e-mail them to me?

Maybe a better question would be…Where can someone find a complete collection of Microsoft Desktop Background images?
Is this available at (I couldn’t seem to find any there)

I would imagine that we’re looking at the XP and/or Vista OS and not 2000 or earlier.

Lots of them by googling “vista wallpaper”.

The rolling-hills-etc image is called “bliss”

  1. A request for someone to email you a copy of something is not a factual question. Ordinarily, I would move this thread to a more appropriate forum. But,

  2. The images are protected by copyright law. So I’ll close the thread instead.

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