What's a good site to find windows wallpaper?

It’s now spring and time to get rid of my snowscape wallpaper on my Windows desktop.

Every wonder why it’s called a “desktop” but you put “wallpaper” on it?

Anyway, anybody got any good sites with nice backgrounds?

Try . They have themes, icons, desktops, etc.

Well I’m an idiot. Here is the link.

Can’t beat Digital Blasphemy for free 3D wallpapers. Just click on the free gallery.

And also **Cognitive Distortion **.

I usually stop at www.wulfert.com once a day.

I’m a big fan of www.artchive.com.

Make that two votes for webshots…you can search for categories that you’re interested in, like Pagan, Sports, Castles, etc.

Or, just use any picture at all - thats what I did :slight_smile: I have a pic of my SO as my desktop :slight_smile: