Share your favorite wallpaper sites...

Since I have the attention span of a flea, I find myself needing to change my computer’s background quite a bit. The places I wind up going to most frequently are (lots of very pretty, high resolution Upper Peninsula wallapers) and for its sheer weirdness factor.

Anybody got any others they’d like to share? Just curious to see what kind of things you freaks are displaying on your monitors these days.

If you go to Webshots they have thousands ov beautiful pictures for free, and they’ll automatically circulate every day, if you want them too. I suggest you take a look!

I have to love the big ones for their variety:

From adult to anime, space to sport they have the lot. And allow me to change mine regularly

I like

They are tech-savvy sites and have skins and mods for many other programs, but both have huge libraries of wallpapers, with lots of abstract and sci-fi stuff.

An no offense roadkiller, I’m sure you like it, but I highly recommend against using Webshots. It’s an insidious little program that I have seen crash many many computers. Oftentimes when I go to fix someone’s PC, the first thing that needs to be done is to uninstall Webshots. If you are at work, ask your IT/MIS guy about it and I’m sure he’ll tell you not to use it under any circumstances (It’s unstable, it’s a memory hog, it accesses the internet without your knowledge, etc.) Of course, that’s just the program - if you can go to the site and just download wallpaper, which i’m not sure if you can, then great.

I go here:

but to enjoy this, you have to like overly skinny, half naked girls with really really big eyes.

Go to the art gallery. You can view by program (topic) or subject.

If you are an anglophile, like me, offers a monthly wallpaper file, with the month’s calendar down in one corner, with a ‘touristy’ photo of some scenic spot of Britain.

Hey, X~Slayer(ALE)? The links on that site are all broken. Is it down? And I was looking forward to some Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar wallpaper at work. :smiley:

Wow, my bookmarks just increased greatly. Macdesktops, in particular, is pretty cool. Thanks!

Agreed - MacDesktops is my new best friend. :slight_smile:
Thanks, guys!

This is my current wallpaper.

Der Wallpaperplanet of course:

Oleg Volk’s photos at

Warning for those of you at work, when you close, it brings up pop windows with indecent pictures.

It’s skydiving pictures.

Tintin wallpapers:

Thunderbird wallpapers:

Fantasia I’ve got the gators flashing the hippo in the tutu on my machine at work.

(Got a new one from chickenhead for the machine at home – thanks, slortar!

A bunch of sites

Some of the sites above are rings and don’t contain any art themselves. There are some others I don’t remember right now.
Be mindful, most of these don’t contain works intended for usage as wallpapers, but just as plain art. But, of course, ppl use them as wallpapers.

No offence to the posters above, but digital blasphemy and renderosity don’t cut it for me. The technical quality of the works primarily found there aren’t up to snuff. But, if you don’t seem to mind or notice that kind of thing…

This is my current background:

:smiley: There are a couple more Red Dwarf images on