Need tips on buying shoes...

Hi all,

I hate buying shoes. I either get them too big or too small. For some werid reasons, while at the shop, they feel all right to me. I walk in them and they don’t bite. But on the very next day when wearing them again, something usually just feels wrong. It’s too tight here or too big (there were once I got a pair where the heel part of the shoe will just come slipping down while the ‘front’ part stays on…werid).

Yes, I’m a noob when it comes to buying shoes. And so for my next pair of running shoes, what shall I look out for? How do I know I got a good size and a fit? (I am not flat-footed, I think)

Thanks in advance!

The usual advice one hears is to shop for shoes in the afternoon, when your feet are at their most swollen. This goes for running shoes, too, because your feet swell as you run. And whatever kind of shoes you are buying, be sure to try them on with the socks that you plan to wear with them.

If there is a higher-end shoe store in your area that has experienced salespeople, it’s really worth shelling out the extra bux. A well-fitted, high quality pair of shoes will cost you more, but you will get much, much more wear out of them than a cheap pair of shoes that will fall apart in half a year, or a pair that doesn’t fit comfortably so that you never take them out of the closet. Three years ago, my husband finally dragged his triple-wide feet to a spendy shoe store and shelled out about $300 for two pair of good shoes. He finally has comfortable shoes that he doesn’t complain about, and both pair are still in excellent condtion, and will probably be good for a few more years of wear. If you’re like me, you have a favorite pair of shoes that you wear almost every day; if it makes sense to invest in anything you wear, shoes are it.

Here’s a guide to finding the right running shoe. Again, going to a store with knoweldgable sales people, especially one that specializes in running shoes, is going to be a big help. Bring your old running shoes so they can look at the wear pattern.

Your feet swell and contract throughout the day, so get thee to the store in the afternoon rather than the morning or evening. Also, it helps to find a running shoe store where the employees encourage you to take the shoes for a test run up and down the sidewalk outside. A test run would make an improper fit immediately obvious, or at least more noticeable than walking around the store would.

Wear them at home on carpeted surfaces for a week. If they bother your feet, you can take them back.

Nothin’ worse than tight shoes, I always say.