Need to Find A Song: Ben Folds' "Wandering"

I searched with no results. The song is on the soundtrack of the movie * 100 Girls * and my husband loves it. I really wanted to get it for his birthday, but the soundtrack doesn’t seem to have been released.

Does anyone have any idea where I can get this song?

The soundtrack for 100 Girls was supposed to be released on Jive Records, but wasn’t, for some reason. Ergo, this track is also officially unavailable.

Curiously, the track is somehow available through at least one of the major file sharing networks (but there’s no chance in hell I’ll say anymore. I’m not looking for trouble), which makes me curious as to how it could have gotten there, in as much as it was apparently never officially released. Maybe it’s on the DVD. Or some promo disc.


Man Who, may I e-mail you?

That’s what the little email button is for. :slight_smile: