Need to find Outlook Express 5

As far as I know asking for this does not constitute any legal issues, if so please close, erase and bury this thread.

I went on a service call today and found a woman with a machine from 1995 running Windows 95 and she had somehow erased her Outlook Express exe. The uninstall info and everything is still there, which leads me to believe the data is still there, but I then fell into an amazing molasses pit.

See, she was on Dialup still and none of my cds had the Outlook Express install. I found the ie50 install file which offered the option of installing OE5, but I discovered for it to do so it had to download the files from Microsoft which did not seem to still have them, so the install could not work.

I told the lady I would see if I could find it some other way, so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.


Get a full IE 5 install file from here.

OE ver. 5.0 is bundled with Internet Explorer 5.0, available here. OE5.5 is bundled with IE5.5, available at the same site. If she’s updated to IE6 installing this may be a pain but it can be done.

Sorry about that. I held the window too long before sending.