Need wireless intercom system that does not require same circuit

This should be simple, but…

All I want is a two-station, voice-activated intercom system to use between two rooms for either person to be able to call for help if necessary.

I’ve tried a couple, but had to return them as they have to be on the same house circuit, and unfortunately, the two rooms are not (one added later).

I’ve wasted enough time online reading all the descriptions trying to find the details, which are always hidden or not available, so am hoping somebody has had some experience with these.

Don’t care whether they are AC or battery-operated, as long as they can be on a “monitor” setting all the time so it is not necessary to press a button to talk, on both units.

The rooms are within 100 feet of each other, so distance is not a problem. They do not have to be high fidelity sound, just so they can transmit a call for help if necessary.

Prefer a night-stand top placement, and finally, should be reasonably priced (unlike some built-in jobs costing hundreds of $).

Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.

1)go get a set of walkie talkies


2)go get a baby monitor system that has two way communication

I would go for the walkie talkies, they’re pretty cheap, and the baby monitor system would require the microphone on one side to always be on.

Thanks, but walkie talkies need to have the button held down to use, plus if left on all the time the battery drain is awful.

That’s an idea, but from my first looks, same problem as with others, trying to find a system that does have two-way. They just seem to bury these factoids deep in the info, if at all. Well, will keep looking.

some walkie talkies have the option of adding voice activiated mikes.

Many cordless telephones now some with multiple handlsets and can page and talk “intercom” style between the handsets. For some brands additional charging base units are also available if you want it on a charger 24/7 at both locations.
Like this unit

Buy two.

Radio Shack----now belongs to someone else in Canada…use to sell a cheap FM unit that plugged into 110 household line…as long as there isn’t a power pole transformer between the two units you could use them as an intercom…mine is between my house and my shop—some 250 feet away. For what you are asking, transmitting and recieving simultaneously isn’t likely available in a cheap intercom…so buy two with two different frequencies and plug them in side by side with rec on one modulation unit and send on the other.

You can build your own from two old corless phones:

I’d got the buy two baby monitors route. They are relatively cheap (you can but two sets for under $100), you don’t need to press a button to talk, most of them have a ‘voice activated’ setting, and they can be set to two different frequencies.