Needing a Hand From M'Boro, TN Dopers

If you haven’t seen my latest Pit thread, the Chrysler died on me on the way home from the Dopefest last night. I’ve been trying to call
towing companies to get it, but none of them are answering. I can’t even get anyone to run me down there to make sure that the car’s
still there and still in one piece. Can any of you swing by the car and give me a status report? She’s on 840, headed towards Franklin, just
before the Almaville road exit, right around mile marker 49 or so. Thanks.

Tuckerfan - Just checked on your baby. She’s fine. Not mobile, but fine. till has all four tires and hasn’t been torched. Good luck fixing it. let me know if I can do anythign else.


Thanks, just got a call from Bosda a minute ago saying the same thing. Hopefully I can get her towed home tomorrow. StGermain, if youreally need a job working where I do (it pays slightly better than what you’re making now), drop me an e-mail. (Might be able to get you a cushy office job, because they certainly could use someone in the front office with brains.)

Hey, if you need someone to check on it tomorrow morning, I can. I will check this thread and my email about 7 or 7:30 AM.

Tuckerfan, I just saw this. I couldn’t get on the boards yesterday, some kind of server meltdown??? if I can help in any way, I will. I’ll try to contact the CubHubby and get him to check on your baby.

Good news! She’s home safe and sound! Haven’t crawled underneath her to see if I can figure out what caused the problem yet. That’ll have to wait till this weekend. Thanks everyone for keeping an eye on her for me. I really appreciate it.

Oh, good, I feel so much better now. I sorta felt some responsibility since you were going home from the Dopefest!

Don’t feel bad at all. I had intended to change the tranny fluid a while back, but just wasn’t able to get around to it. If I had done that, this might not have happened.

Uh-oh. The A727 Gods are angry with you? Lose low, drive, or everything?