Neighbor Using Dead Kitten As Driveway Decoration

I have a new set of ghetto-seasoned neighbors.
Whom i absolutely cannot stand. For many valid reasons.

But today, they have added a little more salt, to my wounds of discord for them. And im even more dedicated now, to get them out of here.

This morning, as I backed out to leave, I happened to notice a small black creature, lying still in their 1st parking spot (right beside their front door and in plain sight) So, i back up a little further to check it out.

Dead kitten. Completely in tact, with it’s mouth open, and only a tiny amount of blood coming from its nose. Dont know if they ran it over, or beat it to death. Either way, there’s a dead cat now decorating their driveway.

This was @ 730am
It’s now around 4pm, and ive returned home to find that it’s still there, roasting in the 90* heat, collecting ants and flies, while the chocolate bon bon queen, sits on her fat ass watching soap operas with the door open. I know these people hate cats… as they scream and run everytime they see one. So whether they will pick it up or not, is a mystery.

All of my sense tells me to pick this kitten up, and go bury him. Or at least wrap him in something and take him to the dumpster.
But I really would like for there to be some kind of lesson in this for them. Given all the other completely disrespectful bullshit they have put us through, since moving in.

If i were to go over there right now, Id probably end up in jail for assault. And maybe even for cramming this poor dead cat into someones face.

So Whats my best option, to ensure they know how unacceptable it is to decorate your yard with dead cats… and at the same time, not start a big verbal/fist fight?

Call the cops, or animal control. If you’re worried about these buttwipes causing trouble for you, make the call anonymously.

oh ye gods! Words fail me. Strange odd terrible people!

<going off to plot a course of action then come back triumphantly with it>

Police came - Police repremanded neighbor. Police left.

3 hours later…
Kitten is still lying there.

So, tonight I will be doing 1 of 2 things.

Burying this poor thing behind my house - Or tactfully & secretively placing it in their mailbox, trunk or dryer vent. Maybe then they’ll have no choice but to move it.

Ugh, don’t mess with the corpse until necessary…Call the cops again.

:waits impatiently: