Neighbors keep calling the cops on a friend

My friend has a dog (tall black lab) that is very destructive to her flower beds and her yard. It recently crashed through her big, bay window. It didn’t get hurt or anything. Anyways, she smacks the dog on it’s but a couple of times whenever it acts up.

Every time she does this, her nosey neighbors call the cops on her for animal abuse. They have been out to her house 5-6 times over the past year she’s had this dog, she has never gotten in any trouble, though. The dog is always in good shape, too.

I keep telling her to get rid of it or get him “clipped” because he’s too destructive, today she finally agreed to have him fixed in order to get him calmed down.

OK, my question is this, is there anything she can file against her neighbors for calling the cops on her so much? Is there an “abuse of authority” law or something? It seems her neighbors have nothing better to do than watch what she’s doing in her yard all day.

Granted she shouldn’t smack the dog, but let me tell ya, the damn thing needs it sometimes.

I figured this would be the place to ask, because she’s looking to “get back” at her neighbors.

I told her just to get rid of the dog and to not stoop to her neighbor’s level and ignore them.


First, having the dog fixed won’t help bad behavior.

If the dog has behavior problems it’s not the dogs fault, it’s the owner. My father used to say if you want to train a dog, you have to have more brains than the dog. This owner clearly does not.

Hitting a dog for any reason is pointless and cruel.

I agree, the dog should have a new home, preferably a better one.

Sorry if that was nasty, but I don’t like to hear about dogs being mistreated especially when the owner doesn’t know how to train a dog.

My advice that you can pass on to your friend it to sign the dog up for obedience school pronto.

P.S. If I saw someone hitting a dog, I’d call the police so fast it would make your head spin.

Your friend needs a good smack herself - with a clue by four. The dog has actually jumped through a window, and she thinks the *neighbors * are the problem? She needs to learn to control the dog’s behavior, or give it to someone who can.

Disclaimer: my next door neighbors have two dogs that spend practically all day every day in the fenced back/side yard, jumping up and barking insanely at every damn thing that walks or drives by, and if I thought I could get those dogs taken away while remaining anonymous, I’d do it in a hot second, not just for the dogs’ welfare, but because they are so fecking annoying.

If the dog is already an adult, getting it neutered isn’t very likely to curb aggression. The problem sounds like it’s a behavior problem anyways, though. I agree that your friend should get the dog to an obediance school, or pick up some books on dog training.

Behavior like that isn’t just destructive, it’s potentially dangerous to the dog. Owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their pets, and if your friend can’t even keep the dog from doing something harmful like crashing through a window, what are the chances they’d be able to keep the dog out of traffic, or away from children who were frightened of it? Hitting is not an effective form of behavior control. It only teaches the dog to be frightened and defensive, which leads to further poor and destructive behavior.

Reminds me of a line from the late Sam Kinison: “I don’t condone wife abuse, but I know what turns ‘Mr. Hand’ into ‘Mr. Fist.’” :rolleyes:

OMG, yes. Your friend sounds like she’s not smart enough to own anything more than a houseplant - and that may even be pushing it. That poor dog. :frowning:

Good for the neighbors - animal abuse should be reported.

No condescension in this thread, is it. She smacks the dog on it’s butt, she doesn’t beat the damn thing, guys. This is a little 100lb woman smacking a 125lb dog for destroying her shit.

Why doesn’t she get rid of the dog?

Smacking a dog won’t stop him from destroying her shit. It’ll only make the dog fear and distrust her, that’s the point. Can she even walk the dog?

If a person has a 125 lb dog she really has to have the dog trained. It’s not hard. PetsMart has classes and probably the local adult school might too.

Doesn’t matter. It’s not teaching the dog anything other than to be afraid and defensive. She should learn techniques that are actually effective if she expects the dog to obey or understand her. It’s like smacking someone who speaks a different language when they don’t do what you ask them to. It’s rude, sends an aggressive message, and doesn’t accomplish a damned thing. If you want someone to understand you’ve got to learn to communicate in a way that actually gets through. That’s not how dogs learn.

And if she can’t control her dog she is not a responsible pet owner and should either seek to become one post-haste or give the dog away to an organization or individual that will ensure it receives the proper care and training.

What made her think she could handle a dog bigger than her without training, anyways? Did she purposefully seek out this dog, or was she doing someone a favor? Either way it doesn’t sound like she did any research or really cares to take any time or responsibility for her pet. They’re like kids, they require almost as much effort and responsibility. She needs to understand that.

She is going about it all wrong. It sounds like the dog does something wrong, and by the time she gets around to hitting it, the dog has LONG forgotten what he did wrong. The dog has NO IDEA why he is being hit - dogs don’t remember that long, and he is probably not even aware he did anything wrong.

Your friend is hitting him to make herself feel better, that is the abuse. She obviously cannot handle this dog, and needs help, fast. The fact that she wants to ‘get back’ at the neighbors doesn’t speak highly of her, either.

I neglected to mention that she has tried to “train” the dog the best way a person with no dog experience would. I take it that her emotions run rampant when she comes home and her shoes are torn up, her windows are broken out and her tulips are dug up and eaten. My whole point is that she is tired of the cops showing up (and as I told her, she should just get rid of the damn thing) all the time for just a simple “correction” smack on the dog’s behind.

As I stated, I am pretty much in agreement with you guys about finding the dog a new home.

Can she not afford to take the dog to a school? PetSmart is about $100 or so for 6 weeks.
Adult school is less expensive but they fill up fast. She really should try if she wants to keep the dog.

If she doesn’t, she ought to find it a home ASAP before it’s unadoptable.

If the neighbors are so concerned about the dog, maybe they’d want the dog. Unless they’re just nasty they seem to care about what’s happening to the dog.

I agree with the above poster that your friend either needs to find another home for the dog or get training for it. It also needs to be neutered.

If she comes home from work and hits the dog for something he did hours earlier, in his point of view she is coming in and hitting him for no reason. It isn’t fair to the dog because he has no idea why he’s being hit, and can make him fearful of her. As a former vet tech I am more afraid of a fear biter than an aggressive dog.

Sorry, if she’s tired of the cops showing up, she must get rid of the dog, or fence her flowerbeds and make her home dog-proof. Dogs chew things and dig. If that behavior is not extinguished in a puppy, there’s very little chance you’ll get rid of it in an adult dog. Has she never thought of building a run for the dog? Of keeping it in a particular rom when she’s away?

As others have already said, seeing someone hit a dog when the infraction has passed would have me on the phone to police or animal control in a second. It doesn’t work, it doesn’t train the dog, and it’s simply cruel.

Dogs like this usually wind up getting poisoned. :frowning:

As a country boy born and bred I don’t approve of even OWNING an animal unless it has enough room to make it happy. Cats kept indoors are one thing, but the idea of tying up or fencing in a dog (except very small dogs) is anathema to me. When I was a kid our dogs ran free. Sure, they tangled with all manner of wild animals and got ticks and got hit by cars eventually, but they enjoyed the life they had.

This is one reason I’m not sure I even want a dog, unless or until I get a house waaaay out in the country. People who live in the city and get dogs bigger than a Jack Russel terrier are flippin’ insane. Dogs like that require as much care and expense as a child, without ever learning to take out the trash or wash the dishes.

What kind of training? It sounds like she hasn’t even gone to the library and picked up a basic book on dog/puppy rearing. If you don’t have experience, read up. Go to doggy school.

So what? Then you swear a blue streak, put your shoes away, and get that dog to obedience school (which is a LOT about training the dog owner). What the dog has done, he has done hours ago, and won’t understand why the owner is angry.

Maybe she should get a clue that if she is repeatedly in trouble for something, maybe she’s doing something wrong.

I agree. It doesn’t sound like she’s happy or the dog is happy. It sounds like the dog is bored, frustrated, undisciplined, unhappy, and confused.

Puppy school for us is a cheap $50.00 for six weeks through the community adult education program. (You know, you can take pottery, Chinese cooking, how to use your computer, dog classes, all sorts of stuff.) We go weekly, but, and this is crucial, we have to practise what we’ve learned daily. Just a few minutes of working with the dog a day seems to pay off immensely.

This hasn’t been addressed, so let me. She should definitely let the cops know that they’ve been called a bunch by her neighbors; they’re probably unaware of this fact, and will swoop in with a SWAT team, two helicopters, and a burrowing robot to arrest the outlaw neighbor.

Seriously, what are you talking about? What on earth would she file? Do you think the cops don’t realize that they’ve been called? Do you think that calling the police is a crime?

AT BEST, she can file a formal request for the records of the investigations, and under most circumstances she is entitled to copies of these records under the FOIA (there are some exceptions, but I doubt this case falls under the exceptions). If those records can demonstrate a pattern of malicious false information from the neighbors–e.g., the neighbors are telling the police that she is whipping the dog with a monofilament while singing off-key showtunes and stepping on puppies (assuming this isn’t true)–then she might have a case. But if the neighbors are calling because your ignorant friend is hitting the dog, and the police are coming out to investigate the severity of the attack, then it would be the height of foolishness for her to think that asking the police to do their job would somehow be against the law.


Digglebop, it’s obvious the poor, confused pooch needs to know who’s boss. Wait until the dog misbehaves in front of you, then establish your alpha male cred by whipping out your huge schwantz, and wave it at the dog while barking at the top of your lungs in an aggressive and dominant manner, then shout “BAD DOG!” several times while whipping your angry member around like and enraged pink slinky.

Do this several times and Fido will soon get the message that misbehaving will yield this terrifying display.