Neither mundane nor pointless: Eve is back!

Okay, maybe she doesn’t want fanfare, or rose-petals strewn across her path, but I had to make mention. Our beloved Eve has returned to the boards, after a long sojourn amongst the Great Unwashed.

Sing praises, shout aves, or just apply hugs and heyas here.

Wilkommen, bienevenue, welcome, c’mon in!

I know I look like a meglomaniac by bumping this, but I had to thank the Cap’n. I will accept the fanfare, but must beg off on the strewn rose-petals (they DO much up my Jimmy Choos).

And, by the way, the Unwashed are nowhere near as Great as their PR will have one believe.

Welcome back, Eve!

Huzzah! Hooray! Kudos!

Great to have you back, Eve! Now, will you be needing a chauffeur? :smiley:

It is indeed good to have you back Eve. You were missed.


Oh, thank God you’re back, Eve. Some silly git had suggested I might make a suitable replacement for you, the thought of which is just too preposterous to even contemplate. whew!

The boards will be much more interesting now that you’re back!

Yay! Eve, so good to have you back. We kept the doilies fresh for you. Have a seat and a cup of tea.

[happy dance]Eve’s back ! Eve’s back ! Eve’s back ![/happy dance]


I missed your classic cinema facts, tidbits, and gossip, not to mention the bon mots, zingers, and scenarios that had me rolling on the floor or choking on my lunch.

Welcome back.

We are not worthy!

Nope, but hopefully she won’t notice.





Thank Goodness.


Welcome back, Eve. The joint hasn’t been the same without you.

It’s great to see you back, Eve!

If you don’t want any rose petals, I have some fun-size candy bars that are yours for the taking.

Victorious Return of the lady who knows Vernon and Irene