Nelson Rockefeller killed JFK


Rockefeller Presidential Power Grab Revealed at Last!!

By Appointment Only!!

By 1958, the Rockefeller Dynasty owned most of the United States of America so they figured that it was about time that the serfs had a Rockefeller monarch or king too. It was not enough for them to own the team . . . they wanted one of their own to be captain and share the applause. What good is owning a kingdom and not be king!!

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This is among the most supremely idiotic things I have ever seen.

it’s just… weird…

So… why, again, couldn’t Nelson Rockefeller just run for President like any normal person? Or if he was rich enough to bribe 2/3 of Congress, why couldn’t he just declare himself Supreme Mugwamp and raise up his own army to take over the US?

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Um, dude, you shouldn’t have posted that whole article…better ask the mods to edit it for you.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that sort of stuff.

Oh, speaking of Rockefeller, I used to have a picture of him flipping someone off. Does anyone know where I can find that picture?

I love this conspiracy stuff.

I once found this document, written entirely tongue-in-cheek (I’m assuming), that tied Joseph Kennedy to every major happening in the twentieth century, from the Titanic sinking to the Challenger disaster. It was great. It was all about The Illuminati. Not too terribly well written, but with just the right sense of espionological sense (I love making up my own words).

I printed the whole thing out, put it in a folder marked “Top Secret” and left it in random people’s desks where I worked, just to fuck with people’s heads.

Robert’s Law of Searching: Every search will become more interesting if the word ‘conspiracy’ is used in it.

Would US laws prevent a slander lawsuit from another country if some foreign resident was accused of being in the Church of Satan? I figure something involves Foreign governments and citizens.

A beautiful example of the use of words to mean one thing and imply another. Henry Kissinger was a Jew. “Jesuit” is correct in that he liked intrigue and adventure. He was not a Roman Catholic.

Notice that the author of that piece even claims to know what was going on in Rockefeller’s mind.

The most damage that Nelson Rockefeller did was to have the Diego Rivera’s mural removed from Rockerfeller Center. (And that was bad enough.)

There were only two references for the piece and the most recent one was 27 years ago. So why the “at Last” in the title of the piece?

it seems silly to think Jay Rockefeller will be the next VP


To: The Trilateral Commission

From: The Illuminati

Re: Conspiracism

Cc: Freemasonry, The Secret Masters, Reptoids, New World Order operatives, Zionist International, Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Knights Templar, and Kittentern.

Genties and Ladlemen of the Audio Radiance:

We have managed once again to convince just about everybody that just about everybody else is wrong and working against them.

Once we have finished construction on the Denver International Airport, we will be able to make our lunar bases fully operational.

This will allow the alien hybrids living in top secret bases under Utah full scope to probe the anal cavities of Appalachian farmers. From there it is only a matter of time until our MIB operatives can place the pre-human artifacts. Once the stars are in proper alignment, Great Cthullu himself will rise and the True Age will begin! IA!

Until such time, please remember to observe the signs in the entryway and remove muddy footwear. All of our cleaning staff may be destined to serve as hosts for the infernal offspring of Shub Niggurath, but until such time as they are impregnated they are doing their jobs, just like you.

A little courtesy never hurt a conspiracy.


Read but not signed by:

Joseph Kennedy, Bigfoot, Elvis Aaron Presley, Steve Guttenberg, Dave Thomas, and a quorum of the Ruling Counsel.

Hey-how you doin?

2trew, have you been writing mystic2311’s material?

So… if Rockefeller killed Kennedy in order to secure his own path to the Presidency, why didn’t he kill Barry Goldwater and RIchard Nixon, who kept him from winning even the Republican nomination in 1964 and 1968? I mean, killing the DEMOCRAT was putting the cart before the horse. First, he needed his own party’s nomination!

Do you suppose that, as Barry Goldwater accepted the GOP nomination in 1964, Rockefeller was slapping himself (“Doh! I forgot to kill HIM first! I’m so STUPID!”)?

tomndebb, I didn’t write anything. I never have. You must believe me, it’s all an immense conspiracy of Mayan cultists planning for 2012 or 2013, depending on who you believe, who are working with the United Nations black helicopter squads to allow the Derrow to take over the Skull and Bones society so that the Antichrist can find the Grail!

Uh, I gotta go, there’s a white van parked in front of my house.

What is it with these weirdos bothering me? I’m already up, just let me get some coffee and then I can start the true age.