Okay, so maybe FDR didn’t know about Pearl Harbor, I can buy that. But what about Richard Nixon being connected to the assasination of JFK conspiracy. I know that I tread on microscopically thin ice in making this reference: the Oliver Stone film Nixon implies that Nixon was approached by some lobbyists in Dallas shortly before the assasination, but Nixon nobly (and just barely) turns down the conspirators and avoids getting involved too much. I wonder if there is any truth in that?

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The good doctor writes

Having been an adult at the time of the Kennedy assassination and read a fair amount, I am familiar with at least 3 serious theories – Oswald acted without outside direction; Fidel Castro was behind him; certain organized crime figures wre to blame. Many years ago, a play called MacBird ran in San Francisco, with a theme that Lyndon Johnson was behind the killing. Of course, nobody took this seriously.

The Nixon theory is new to me. It doesn’t seem to make any sense. Nixon had nothing to gain from JFK’s death and he had nothing to add to the assassination. Tragically, all they needed was one man with a rifle.

Obviously a “source” of Oliver Stone is no source at all. As far as I have read, the movie “Nixon” was filled with events that never took place.

I said this when the film came out and I’ll say it again.

Nixon wasn’t the kind of guy the conspirators would invite to be one of them. Nixon was the kind of guy the conspirators would keep in the dark and work around.


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Must not mention…Nixon sabotage '68 peace talks



Well, I think that Oliver Stone has blamed everyone down to the Kennedy family dog for the assassination. So generally, that doesn’t surprise me all too much.

considering that he wasn’t the President of the US until January 1969…but why let facts get in the way of a good story ;). (To be sure, I’m no fan of Nixon, but considering all he’s been blamed for, have to be somewhat fair!)

Oh hell, this is a more interesting topic than the OP.

I agree with RugbyMan. I think the North Vietnamese/USSR negotiators were simply waiting to see if the new Administration would give them a better deal than they were being offered by the Johnson negotiators. I think they believed that if worse came to worse, they could always put the Johnson deal back on the table and be reasonably assured of getting it.

And, if I recall, that’s pretty much what happened in 1973.

If Nixon had truly sabotaged the negotiations in 1978, he and Kissinger should have been able to cut a deal by 1969 or '70.

It may not have helped Nixon politically, but his motive could have been personal revenge…a sore loser from the close '60 election.

LBJ, Nixon, FBI, CIA, teamsters, Castro, Soviet communists. There are many people that had motives. But any president has numerous enemies. It’s a tough job.

One of my teachers said it was most likely mafia connected, that there were rumors about it in Louisana, or something. I’ll have to ask him-it was a few years ago that he mentioned this.

It wouldn’t surprise me.

Makes no sense. Besides obvious reasons, why would Nixon want to risk being involved in the Kennedy assassination and jeopardize his future career in politics? Furthermore, is there any evidence in the vast literature on Nixon that would suggest he could be involved in murder because he lost an election? Once elected, he had many more people to actively hate, and no one is sugggesting he tried to have them offed.

And finally, Oswald acted alone…

By late 1963, Nixon had been relegated to the chicken dinner circuit of the GOP, keeping his name before local Republican officials.

As now with Al Gore, too many GOP establishment leaders resented how Nixon had lost the 1960 election - regardless of the (very likely) stolen states of Illinois, Texas, and possibly Hawaii. Nixon had also badly lost the California gubernatorial race in 1962 to Pat Brown (father of moonbeam) and was considered by many as a has-been.

Ostensibly working out of a New York law firm, Nixon was deftly balancing his remaining political fortunes between the old line GOP establishment (Rockefeller, Dirksen, Romney, Chase-Smith, Prescott Bush) and the upcoming populist conservatives (Goldwater, Reagan).

Since he had “retired” from active politics, Nixon was able to avoid the GOP clashes of 63-64 that tore up the party and helped give Johnson his landslide win in 1964. With friends in both camps, Nixon had little trouble obtaining the 1968 GOP nomination.

That’s what he was doing back then - and yes TD was in Dallas just before the assassination - but on the chicken dinner circuit. Nixon and other conservatives (especially Goldwater and Reagan) were certain that the GOP’s intense anti-communism, libertarian attitude towards government regulation, and ignorance towards civil rights would convince conservative Democrats (like Thurmond or Connally)to switch sides.

Nixon’s choice of Agnew (bribe taking governor of Maryland) as V.P. was part of his southern strategy. Nixon’s skill at handling the conversion of white southern conservative Democrats into Republicans is probably more important than his opening to China.

But that’s what politicans really do - politick - and not plan the murder of opponents.

Oliver Stone - gasbag bull sh*t artist.