(Nerd) Hell has Frozen Over...

…and if you’re looking for cute oneliners in the OP, you’re outta luck. I’m looking for the one-liners myself.

For Hallowe’en this year I’m going to wear a devil costume with a scarf, ear-muffs, and fake spray-snow. Hell has frozen over. I want to have some one-liners to spout.

I also want opinions on whether I should wear taped-together glasses and a pocket protector, and be Nerd Hell has Frozen Over. My wife thinks it dilutes the concept, but I think it gives focus.

Things like, “Did you hear Microsoft has just gone open-source?”

That’s what I’m looking for.


I think it over-focuses, if anything. Everyone’s heard of hell freezing over, but what’s Nerd Hell?

“They just released an affordable Mac!”

Regular hell:
The Cubs win the world series!
Hillary Clinton elected President…with VP Jeb Bush! (or vice versa)
Nerd Hell:
Mac and Windows merge!
Miracle diet of Mountain Dew and Twinkies helps you lose weight, get buff!