Nerdy kid beats on himself with a bat thinking he’s a “warrior” LOL

This is Patrick Haas, a “professional” workout instructor who thinks hitting yourself will make you stronger. This kid a cross between napoleon dynamite and Fogle from superbad. Enjoy.

Best parts are at 1:30 and 2:45

My junior high Gym Teacher once told us that “Happiness is when you hit yourself with a hammer fifty times, and then stop.”

We all thought he’d gotten happy a few too many times.

He does know that Fight Club wasn’t real, right?

“It’s important to breathe when doing any exercise”.

Actually, I find breathing rather important no matter what I’m doing.

A YouTube rarity: There’s actually an amusing comment:

I found this kid on a bodybuilding site talking shit to people. I hope he enjoys being famous. :smiley:

LMFAO. That’s awesome. I love the “macho man” bedroom thing he has going on. Orioles? Really?

Haha, yea, I love his profile, WTF is a superior being? :smiley:

One whose workout routine doesn’t involve beating himself with a baseball bat and posting it on YouTube?

Exactly, and getting really mad when kids post your link on humor forums… :smiley:

You wanna bet his favourite The Office character is Dwight?

I don’t wanna watch him do crunches. :eek: