Yes, I know professional wrestling is fake but thanks for pointing that out,jabroni.

I’ll admit it-I’m a woman who watches professional wrestling.

I know it’s choregraphed and the outcomes are predetermined.

I watch it because:
I like the athletcism of the moves…could you jump off a 4’ ring post,do a somersault and manage to land on someone laying on the mat w/o seriously hurting them? If you can, send me the footage.
I like the soap opera aspect-especially the horrible acting. Tune into the WWF sometime and watch Stephanie McMahon at work, She makes Bo Derek look like Judi Dench.
Last but not least…their are some incredibly hot guys…

BTW I do have pictures of some of my favorite sports-entertainers on my bulletin board @ work-a little eye candy to ease the stressful days of working in a call center. A co-worker who was talking to me just HAD to make the “Oh you like wrestling comment” which inspired this rant. This person has appoximately 500 Beanie Babies lining all available space in her cube and I’m weird for having pictures of the Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho ( check them out-yummy) on my wall?

My favorite all time comment though was my supervisor…“But you’re an intelligent person-why do you watch that?”

Is it just me?

Uhhh I’ll do the pleasure of judging this Pit rant. Yuu get about a 2.3 outta 10, and I’m being generous. There was no profanity, no ill temperedness, and no freaking slurs of any sort. Next time you wanna post something in the pit put a little bit more heart, soul, and mean spiritedness into it m’kay? BTW welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board.

Sorry…how about this…

first off if you don’t like wrestling just keep your fucking mouth shut and don’t feel free to ‘enlighten’ me.

To the Beanie Baby obsessed freak I work w/…when you leave I sneak over to your cube and either rub them on my ass or place them in suggestive postions…yes I admit I was the one who put them in that daisy chain.And amde it look like the monkey was rimming the duck etc…

And last but not least to my supervisor…yes I am intelligent-enough to diagnose your obsessive compulsive disorder and to make you bend to my will. I’ve got you so trained to not bother me that I’ve decided to pass on my secrets to the rest of the team in hopes of keeping you in your office-where you’ll straighten papers and wipe off your desk for 8 hours and go home.

That felt better…

It’s really amusing when people say “Wrestling sucks 'cuz it’s not real”, taking into account the popularity of the entire movie industry.

Did Star Wars suck? That wasn’t real. Did The Matrix suck? That wasn’t real, either.

Professional wrestling is entertainment. It’s not a contest of champions, it’s not a test to see who’s stronger… it’s like a friggin’ cartoon, people! Remember how much fun it was to see Bugs Bunny beat the crap out of Elmer Fudd? Same thing! And this time, they have chairs!

It’s true! People who despise wrestling often lack a sense of humour.

But then again, wrestling is a fairly alarming phenomenon too! A whole bunch of people DO think it’s real, and many kids are exposed to this extremely violent behaviour (not to mention that they seem to make wrestlers stupid and “full of fart” on purpose).

As a male, I definitely enjoy the rare occasions when the wrestling chicks strut out.

My rant against the industry is that it’s a little TOO American–I guess it’s part of the fun, but there is constant abuse heaped on foreigners.

Uh, no swearing yet, sorry. Fuck you, wrestling organizers! You stink!

Oh, exploiting people’s mental illnesses is so nice…

I’m so-so on wrestling, but I don’t see why it’s looked down on by so many people who like “real” sports. At least it TRIES to be entertaining. I mean, Jesus, look at baseball. Or football. I’d rather get punched in the face than watch 30 straight minutes of either.

Hardygrrl… do you think I have to pledge my allegiance on this topic? :wink:
I thought your rant was fine. It dosent need profanity unless its mutherfucking called for. :slight_smile:

You all forget the most important aspect of por wrestling: hot, well-musscled sweaty mean wearing tiny trunks rubbing against each each other in episodes of simulated sodomy!

i was waiting for that TwistofFate…:slight_smile:

I’ll take Jeff-you take Matt.

…Hardygrrl and Jeff,TwistofFate and Matt walk hand in hand on the beach,watching the sun set…

well, as beautiful as your image is, the fact that I’m a hetrosexual male might get in the way… :wink:

Okay, so this has nothing to do with the OP. However, it’s bugging me. I’ve heard it at school, but I only know that it’s an insult and have no idea what it’s from. So what’s the background on “Jabroni?”

Sorry TwistofFate…change the word Matt to Lita in my previous post…is that better?

Jabroni is a wrestling insider term for a fresh off the bus,still wet behind the ears new guy.It’s their version of newbie.

The last couple of years the Rock-one of the bigget names in the business and don’t get me started there-started using the word in his promos. That’s why you’re hearing it at school.

What is a jabroni?

Count me in as a fan. We never miss Smackdown on Saturday nights. Bonzo and the Better Half do a father/son male bonding thing on the couch, and I sit here in the dining room and pretend to surf the Internet while I’m secretly keeping an eye on the action in the living room.

I am famous at this end as The Mom Who Bought WWF Pencil Toppers And Won’t Share Them With Anybody Or Use Them To Write With Or Anything. They just sit there in my pencil holder. “Those are mine! Don’t touch!”

I am also famous as the only person I know who actually sat down and read The Rock’s autobiography. Snide remarks. “What are you reading that for? Um, isn’t the history of the Mayas or a bio of Napoleon more in your line?”

Says me, “The Rock layeth the smackdown on Bird Jaguar, and as for Napoleon, I bet even Vince McMahon’s aged granny could whup his ass…”


I recommend Mick Foley autobiography. Absolutely brilliant.
Hardygrrl… mmmmmm… Lita… Any chick that can do a moonsault plancha really gets my vote.

Duck Duck…I have the Hardy Boyz action figures in a prominent place in my cube…just love when the non-wrestling fans walk by and sliently wonder…“who are those guys and why are they sitting on ladders?”

TwistofFate…I’m glad to see that fixed things…but Jeff Hardy…

Any man who’d do a Swanton Bomb off a 10 foot ladder makes me wonder how daring he is w/ everything else:)

What am I hearing here?

Rasslin’ is fake?

I want my money back.

I saw a sign in the crowd a few months ago:

“LITA – give ME the hurracanrana!”

Um…yeah. That wouldn’t be so bad :slight_smile:

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