NET Bible

I recently got the NET Bible. “NET” stands for “New English Translation”; the NET also coincides with the fact that it began as an online translation/version of the Bible. As a matter of fact, although buying a hard copy costs more than $30, downloading it is free. For more info, one can go to

Because of having it online, it is full of commentary, scholarly explanations, notes, etc. I’m personally impressed.

Has anyone else gone through the NET Bible? Any opinions about how good/useful it is?


I’m looking over it now & I am impressed! ESP WITH THE NOTES!

I only looked over Genesis 1 and 2, but found the translation reasonable and the notes on translation fairly comprehensive.

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I hate this version. It has been used by the church as a weapon against gays with it’s rendering of 1 corinthians

It is absolutely inexusable and an injustice to use the term “homosexual” here, which as a word was not in existance until the late 1800’s in Germany. It was devised as a medical term to explain same-sex attraction. The translators have an obvious bias which is out-of-touch with Paul’s original message.

Jeez, Brandus, did you even bother reading the footnotes?

It’s even less poetic than the NIV.

That’s hard to do.

And whoever translated the Psalms has some serious issues with exclamation points.