, Firfox and IE, one user lost images another did not., starting today I have lost some, not all, images. The ones you might be most familiar with are the ratings stars.

I get a rectangle where the stars should be. Mouseover works.

XP, recent but not latest Firefox and IE, Ad-block, Ad-awre, Avast. None updated in last week or so, (Unless some update themselves in the night.)

Here’s the curious part - to me. *I lose the images using **both *Firefox and IE in my user only. Same computer, different user, the images are still there.

How do I start to diagnose this?

Found a place where Ad-block Plus says it is not blocking anything on the afflicted pages.

Cleared cache.

Started Firefox in the safe mode.

Same pages still showing the same problems.

Any more suggestions?

In Firefox try Tools, Options, Content, Fonts & Colors, Advanced check ‘Allow pages to choose their own fonts…’ In colors make sure ‘Allow pages to choose their own colors…’ is checked.

Also make sure the ‘Load pictures automatically’ is checked in the same Content menu.

Go here:

Can you get to that image? That’s the sprite they use for star images. Notice that it’s not served from

If you can see that image, then refresh the netflix page that’s missing stars.

Other images are stored at Your browser might not be able to reach it for some reason.

That fixed it. Thanks.