Netflix’s “The Spy” with Sacha Baron Cohen Spoilers after post 20

Just into the second ep myself but the man has his serious acting chops.

I wonder if part of the move from cringe comedy to serious acting is merely because it is so hard to out cringe our Borat in chief?

So far a very well done show.

I haven’t seen this show, but regarding this, I’d imagine it’s more a matter of “been there done that.” A less talented performer than SBC would probably try to milk Borat for the rest of their career, but fortunately for him, and us, he’s better than that.

I don’t think SBC is of this Earth.

In his last special “Who is you America?” He would dress up in disguise, get into character, and keep it up for hours with no breaks as he successfully convinced his subjects he is the person he pretends to be.

That’s Hard, like really fucking hard. lol

I will be watching The Spy for sure.

  1. 7 episode TV series.

  2. Actual name Who Is America?

It also helps that he’s one of the very few Anglophone actors who can do a decent Israeli accent.

It’s true. In that special, he managed to not break character while:

  1. Running a pedophile detector over Roy Moore.

  2. Openly discussing murder with OJ Simpson.

I mean, my breath was taken away.

Awesome! I started over the weekend and I’m still only almost to the end of Ep. 2, but man can that guy act. He makes the rest of the cast look like they’re in a middle school play.

I saw previews for this but failed to note when it began airing; thanks for the thread, DSeid!

Ugh. So good. I can’t stop watching.

Aw fuck nuh-uh.

And done. So sorry Me Tomorrow…yer gonna be tired.

Four Chefs Hats!!!

Three for the series and an extra one for Sacha Baron Cohen all on his lonesome.

Watched it last night and SBC was excellent. I’ve not seen him in anything else. I knew nothing about the Israel Syria conflict so had to look a few things up. The only weak performance IMHO was the handler Dan. His accent went back and forth between American and Israeli.

Finished it today.

Highly recommended.

Amazing performance by SBC, no one horrible, quite a few verb good.

Incredible that while I am sure some details are filled in with imagination that most of this is real history.

One little complaint. Unless I missed something. Early on he played his cover as observant and refused alcohol when offered by the general, before general’s wife did a Trump. From there on he drank openly using alcohol as a tool to befriend. Why did not the general notice that?

His mother’s side of the family is from Israel.

I know. I actually have a bit of a connection to him - the rabbi from my parents’ synagogue in Zichron Yaakov (who also did my son’s Bar Mitzvah) is either related to him or is a friend of his family; SBC had him flown in to officiate his wedding to Isla Fisher a few years ago.

One scene I just KNEW he’d be made. Wasn’t that one, though.

Ooh, flying in a rabbi from Israel for your wedding. Posh.

I really enjoyed this. Although I suspect it got major funding from the Israeli Dairy Producers Association.

When can we start spoilerish discussions? Or should we use another thread?