Network adapter problem

I am having a problem with a computer. When I try to go the properties of the network adapter I get an error message that says “an unexpected error has occurred”. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the driver. I have tried with another network card, a non-on board one, and they both give me the error. I am logged in as administrator, and can do what I please to the computer other wise. I have tried it in safe mode, both with and without networking. I have tried disabling and enabling, completely uninstalling, rolling back the driver, restoring to an earlier point using system restore, the netsh command to reset the IP, and to set it to DHCP (it appears to have a static IP and I don’t want it to). I cannot delete the network connections, the option is greyed out

This is for a user in Vancouver, I am in Toronto, he shipped me the computer because he says he can’t get on the internet. I can get on the internet, but I worry that the static IP is set to IP used inside my firewall.

Any ideas on how to get me access to the properties of the Network adapters? Or to delete them so I can start over?

Oh, forgot to mention 1 other thing, I also tried to re-register the services with regsrv32. The ones I tried were ole32.dll and netshell.dll

I really don’t want to have completely rebuild this, thanks in advance.