Bizzare connection problems

I’ve just moved into a new place and I can’t get online. with either my Laptop (windows XP) and my desktop (Win ME). Which both worked at my previous place.

Using any ISP the same thing occurs, it connects verifies the user name and password, and then refuses to send or receive any more data. But stays connected.

I have a software firewall, but have turned it off, it didn’t help. The phone line has been tested and apparently is fine.

Any ideas?

Sounds like the network properties are screwed up. I’m guessing either a gateway is configured when you don’t have one, you’ve got a proxy server defined, or your DNS addresses point to a machine you can’t access from where you are at now.

Make sure the machines are set to receive an IP address automatically and that there are no gateways configured under TCP/IP properties. Once you are connected, go to a dos prompt (command prompt in XP) and type “ipconfig /all” and make sure that it has a configuration for the DNS servers. Try pinging one of the DNS servers. For example, if one of the DNS servers has an IP address of (which it won’t, but there will be 4 numbers) then type “ping” and see if it gets a response or if it times out. If it gets a response it will tell you the turnaround time in milliseconds.

Thanks I’m pretty sure the network properties are fine. There’s no gateway configured, and a proxy server is setup, but it needs to be and I’ve double checked the settings. . .

I will of course check again when I get home.