PC Help: connected to net, but no traffic?

Hope someone here can assist!
Just got back from a week long vacation. The system (winxp sp2) was turned off while we were out. We got home, checked our mail, and the Windows upgrade installer kicked in. I declined the restart, but shortly after, the cable connection got buggy, so I restarted. When it came back up, the pc found my internet connection, assigned an IP, and was reading a transfer rate of 12.0mps. Thing is, I can’t browse (I’m at work now), check the mail, or run liveupdate on Norton. The cable company isn’t reading any trouble at their end.

So, any thoughts? Are there any bugs currently out there that can do this, and are there removal tools?

Thanks in advance.

There is some spyware and viruses that will change your DNS settings to point to their DNS servers which tend to be wonky in what they will and will not resolve (and usually never to your benefit). Try checking your TCP/IP setting in network settings for your card. Make sure it is set to “Obtain IP Address Automatically” and “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically”.

Go to START>RUN and type “CMD” (note do not include quotes, capitalization does not matter) in the window that appears and hit <enter> (or click on “OK”).

At the prompt in the window that appears type “IPCONFIG /RELEASE”. Once it releases the card type “IPCONFIG /RENEW” (technically you can just do the “renew” step but trying to keep it all straight. You could also just restart the PC.

This should give you a new IP address and other settings. If the above fails you have other issues and should get back to us here. If it works (it will be apparent if it fails or works) you should be good. To test stay at the command prompt where you have been doing the above and type, “PING WWW.YAHOO.COM” or “PING WWW.GOOGLE.COM”. This should resolve into an IP address and send 4 ping packets. If it does not work it should be apparent that it failed and time to come back and ask for more help.

Type “EXIT” at command prompt to close window or click on the close window X in the upper right corner of the window.

Got it sorted out. Thanks!